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How Feelings of Unworthiness Hold Back Female Entrepreneurs

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Establishing and building a business is an incredible achievement. As an entrepreneur, you’ve learned the value of networking and connecting, marketing, creating a brand identity, and how to be your own boss. It’s incredible to look back on your journey and see how far you’ve come.

As rewarding as entrepreneurship is, it comes with its own set of challenges. Being an entrepreneur requires confidence, trust, determination, communication, and intuition. While most business owners start their entrepreneurial journey with optimism and excitement, these feelings can quickly fade over time as external and internal barriers appear.

For instance, many entrepreneurs suffer from fear of failure, lack of confidence, and hesitance to take action in their business. Imposter syndrome—a sense of inadequacy, self-doubt, or incompetence despite success—is pervasive for entrepreneurs who are getting started. This syndrome tricks you into thinking that you’re not good enough when that’s simply NOT true!

You’re a HARDWORKING businesswoman who accomplishes major milestones every day!

Although all entrepreneurs have their share of difficulties, several reports suggest that female entrepreneurs encounter many disadvantages, including breaking into a male-dominated industry and balancing societal pressures of being a caregiver. It can be highly demanding to balance caring for your family, growing your business, and making time for self-care! That’s a lot on your plate!

Among the several obstacles business owners face, one of the most significant setbacks that hold female entrepreneurs back is feelings of unworthiness. When you feel unworthy, you deflect compliments and praise, lose a sense of boldness and confidence, and worst of all, you feel like you don’t deserve the success you’re achieving.

This toxic emotion affects not only your personal life and relationships but also your business. Customers and clients are drawn to confidence and quality. So it’s essential to show your clients that you OWN this! Because let’s be honest, you do!

If your feelings of unworthiness are standing in your way from becoming the bold and high-achieving entrepreneur you’re meant to be, then make the executive decision to leave that feeling behind and move on to healing and growth!

What is Unworthiness & How Does It Affect Me?

Unworthiness is the feeling of not deserving any merit, respect, attention, or effort for an activity or accomplishment. Although it’s an extreme feeling, unworthiness may manifest itself in subtle ways in your relationships and interactions. You’d be surprised how often unworthiness presents itself in our lives!

Examples of this negative emotion are making self-deprecating comments or jokes, not taking full credit when you deserve it, and brushing off compliments you receive. These subtle instances are often confused with humbleness, but the issue is this: When you’re constantly reducing your appreciation for yourself, it affects your self-esteem, confidence, and overall growth.

As a female entrepreneur, you ARE worthy of the compliments and praise that you receive! Why? Because you put in the work and your clients are aware of that!

Psych Central states that holding onto feelings of unworthiness is counter-productive. You read that right! Constantly putting yourself down and not acknowledging your efforts holds you back from taking bold actions towards your goals. You can’t be successful in your business if you’ve got self-doubt tying you down!

In addition to not taking action, you may feel shame, guilt, or fear and neglect your relationships. Thriving in your personal life and your business requires you to maintain your mental health and healthy relationships. If you want a successful business, it’s essential to have the love and support of your friends and family.

Unfortunately, one of the worst aspects of unworthiness is making you feel inadequate despite hitting your sales goals, gaining new leads, growing your network, and creating an empire. As a female entrepreneur, each of your accomplishments deserves to be recognized, no matter how small. It’s not enough to depend on the validation of others. You NEED to validate yourself.

What Happens When I Let Go of Unworthiness?

When you let go of feelings of unworthiness, you will see an upward trend of positivity and growth. You will move past your mental barriers and find satisfaction in what you’re doing in your personal life and your business. You will see your accomplishments as rewarding as you should!

Removing this toxic feeling will open doors of opportunities, and you will take action based on your new thoughts and beliefs. By positively processing your successes, you are welcoming growth. And we all know the power of business growth!

Your self-worth and confidence are connected. When you allow yourself to appreciate everything you do, you amplify your spirit, which your clients need to see. You can create long-term relationships and build new relationships with customers with a self-assured attitude.

Letting go of feelings of unworthiness will significantly benefit your business, mental health, and spiritual health. As a female entrepreneur who’s made it this far, appreciate yourself! You deserve to have a healthy relationship with yourself, especially if it improves your business.

Although it may seem impossible, you can release and heal from your feelings of unworthiness. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve engaged in this feeling! You CAN move past this toxic mentality to a better and vibrant lifestyle.

Let’s discuss some of the steps you can take to remove unworthiness from your life!

How to Move Past Feelings of Unworthiness

According to Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life, you can start releasing unworthiness by acknowledging how you feel. By giving this uncomfortable feeling a name, you can pinpoint the issue, which is half the battle! Take this opportunity to think about your recent achievements and how you reacted to them.

If you felt that you didn’t do enough or you didn’t deserve the compliments you got from clients, simply recognize that your unworthy feelings were present and note how it made you feel. Reflection is a great exercise that helps you view your actions and words from a new perspective.

Next, take a moment to reassess your experiences. Rather than viewing your achievements from a place of worthiness, view your success from your productivity and action. This will allow you to see that your self-worth isn’t what garnered praise and success, but instead, your hard work and goal-directed mindset got you there!

Another reflection exercise to combat unworthiness is starting a journal. Anytime you begin to doubt your worth, write about it. Ask yourself what could be causing these feelings to occur or whether your unworthy feelings are holding you back. You would be amazed at how self-aware you truly are and will find it easier to prevent the toxic feeling from persisting.

I’m also a big fan of affirmations because they’re powerful tools that can help you manifest your dreams. Positive Psychology shares that positive affirmations are supported by the self-affirmation theory, highlighting three main ideas: self-identity, maintaining personal value, and self-integrity. When you practice positive affirmations, you can boost your mental health and performance!

Try out affirmations dedicated to self-worth. You can write your affirmations in a journal, state them aloud to yourself, or create a positive vision board that you can see every day. All it takes is a little reminder to make all the difference in your life!

Finally, give yourself room for forgiveness. As female entrepreneurs, we judge ourselves fiercely. I know it’s easy to fall into that habit, but be gentle with yourself. Remember that you’re learning and growing every day. Forgive yourself for having feelings of unworthiness, then let them go.

The Power of Bioenergetics

If you’re looking for a positive and real change in your life and business, then it’s time for you to use tools that will propel you to success and balance. Bioenergetics is the study of your energy system and how it affects your biology. This method concentrates on where you’re experiencing hindrances energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The central concept is to align your body and soul so that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. When you gain realignment, you will find the abundance you need to thrive in your life and business! As a female entrepreneur, gaining balance is vital for you to achieve the life you want to live.

What makes bioenergetics so effective is how proactive it is. It doesn’t wait until you’ve spiraled out of control or burnt yourself out. Instead, the program is meant to alert you when something is off in your system. We use reminders all of the time for our business, and now it’s time that we take advantage of reminders for our self-care.

If you’re searching to resolve your feelings of unworthiness and gain balance with your energy centers, book a BioEnergetic Business Coaching session today!

How Feelings of Unworthiness Hold Back Female Entrepreneurs

How Feelings of Unworthiness Hold Back Female Entrepreneurs

How Feelings of Unworthiness Hold Back Female Entrepreneurs

How Feelings of Unworthiness Hold Back Female Entrepreneurs

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