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The Growth Guide

Actionable marketing tips to help empire-building entrepreneurs growth businesses they love

How Honest Communication Plays Out in Your Life and Business

Growth Guide

As an entrepreneur, you want to stand firm and confident in the business that you created. You’ve already made connections, produced a fantastic product, and started hitting your sales milestones.

Your primary job as an entrepreneur is to transform nothing into something. Bring your ideas to life. Pour out passion and bring in profit. And you’re doing a fantastic job! So what’s next?

Progression! You want your business to continue to grow and thrive into an even more considerable success. The key to transforming your business and life is honesty. You need to be able to communicate with your customers and connect with them on an honest level.

Building your business on the foundation of hidden truths and limiting conversations will not only weaken your company but make it crumble. That is not a thriving business!

Communication is necessary to share the fullness of your vision. If you don’t communicate the bigger picture to yourself and your team, your business will always fall short of your expectations. As an entrepreneur, you deserve to have your moment to shine and attain the goals that you set out.

You will find beauty, worth, and strength when you stand in your truth and let the world see what an amazing business owner you are!

If you’re feeling like you’re not acting like yourself, or you’re second-guessing yourself to please others, then it’s time to break out of the toxic cycle and create the life that you want and deserve to live.

Take your power back, so you can communicate with your team and customers, be open to expressing your feelings, and create effective business messages.

The fifth Abundance Key is Honest Communication and is fundamental to transformation, power, validity, and bringing your vision to life.

What are the Abundance Keys?

The 7 Abundance Keys are a set of energy centers in your body:

  • Trust
  • Compassion and creativity
  • Willpower and self-esteem
  • Gratitude and charisma
  • Honest Communication
  • Focus and intuition
  • Love and connection

When any one of your energy centers is misaligned, you run the risk of lacking clarity with your vision, not communicating effectively, and burning out.

Let’s dig into the power of Honest Communication in your life and business.

Honest Communication

Honesty means being sincere and truthful. When you’re an honest person, you show that you are reliable and trustworthy. As an entrepreneur, being dependable is essential to establishing a relationship with your customers and teammates. When clients know that they can trust you, they are MORE likely to trust your business.

But honesty doesn’t run solo here. You’ll need Communication to accompany it.

Communication requires exchanging information between yourself and others. It’s not all about talking and sending a message. Communication is also about actively listening. When you communicate effectively, you will welcome important information and share meaningful ideas with others.

If you want to bring an idea to life, then you have to communicate that idea. I’m not talking about briefly announcing your vision and then abandoning it because it seems too big or too crazy to accomplish. I’m saying that you communicate your objective honestly and lay all the cards on the table.

When your Honest Communication energy is in balance, you will be genuine and authentic to yourself and others. You can tap into your power and bring your entire self to your business. Say goodbye to spending energy on hidden truths and pleasing others. It’s time for you to get realigned with your Honest Communication energy.

Before you find realignment with your energy center, you need to determine what’s throwing your Honest Communication energy out of whack. So let’s discuss the signs of misalignment and find out what’s blocking your Honest Communication energy.

Signs of Misalignment with Honest Communication Energy

As an entrepreneur, you are the boss, the head honcho, the person in charge. When your honesty energy is imbalanced, your business is missing out on its greatest asset: you. You can’t grow your business without completely being yourself. So take steps towards your truth.

When your Honest Communication energy is off, you’re not true to others or you’re hiding your truth to appease others. You may second-guess yourself frequently based on the opinions of those around you. Being stuck in this toxic cycle not only exhausts you but exhausts the energy you put into your business.

Misalignment in the Honest Communication energy may represent itself physically in sore throats, tightness in your neck and jaw, earaches, and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. You may also have a lack of clarity in your vision or be afraid to execute your ideas.

You will seek validation about your ideas from other people, constantly stress over what others think about you, and struggle to communicate what you do. Being an entrepreneur boss babe is all about using your confidence to execute your vision. Find validation in everything that you do.

When your Honest Communication energy is misaligned, you won’t have a central concept to anchor your business’ messaging strategy. As a result, your website will lack your identity and vision, and your team will be misaligned.

If any of these misalignment triggers sound familiar, then it’s time to reclaim your life. You are an accomplished entrepreneur who has the strength to realign your energy centers.

Let’s dive into how you can realign your Honest Communication.

How to Realign your Honest Communication Energy

We are our own worst critics. This is especially present in our businesses when we compare ourselves to other entrepreneurs, our successes with other business owners’ successes, and our lives with unrealistic expectations. You do NOT need this toxic behavior.

Take time to speak, listen, then repeat. We don’t realize it, but the internal conversations that we have with ourselves are so important. Put aside your self-judgment and recognize that you need to be more gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to be kind.

You are an entrepreneur who has a unique purpose. But you can’t fulfill your purpose if you don’t communicate what’s in your heart!

Let’s start with an exercise in abundance. A big aspect of being an entrepreneur is marketing externally. Yes, you have to get people interested in your products and services, but have you ever considered marketing internally? What do I mean here?

Marketing internally requires you to be the first person to believe your message before anyone else. To successfully market your message, you must understand what you want and program it deep into your mind until it becomes fact.

1. Start this exercise by writing down what you want in detail. Keep it around 3-5 sentences. As exciting as it may be, you don’t have to absorb everything at once. Begin with your primary goals, focus on the positive, and stick to what you can control. Remember, this exercise is about you, so don’t worry about what other people may think. Finish with the following sentence, “This or better for the highest good.”

2. Next, read it 100 times aloud consecutively. You may want to stop by the time you get to 50, but keep on going! Tip: You can use a counting app on your phone to keep track!

3. Finally, visualize what you want. You can gather inspiration by creating a vision board and placing it somewhere that’ll be in your line of sight frequently. If vision boards aren’t your thing, add screensavers to your phone or your laptop. This will symbolize your goal achievement.

Following the abundance exercise, take your goals and write them in the present tense.

Next, create a scene of what your life looks like when you attain your goals. Your scene can relate to all aspects of your life: your business, finances, or relationships. Write your ideal scene in your journal and after you finish, read it aloud.

You may find that it’s powerful to read it during your morning routine!

Here’s an example of my ideal scene:

I am the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar business. I wake up feeling gratitude and joy every morning because I clearly understand my identity and purpose. I have the foundation and team to bring my visions to life and be successful. I guide others to recognize their potential and enjoy their best lives.

I have tapped into my power, exist in peace and stillness, and give and receive love. I feel beautiful, healthy, energized, vibrant, and strong. I don’t give from my essence but from my overflow.

I work with wonderful clients and am building long-lasting and fruitful relationships. My products/services are in high demand, and my business is growing. I attract money, and my money grows abundantly.

My partner and I share an honest, passionate, and responsible relationship. We create stability and happiness for our children.

After working on your ideal scene, give your business some love by developing your one-liner. A one-liner is a sentence that engagingly summarizes your business. It consists of three parts: the problem, the solution, and the result. Let’s dive into the details.

Your one-liner is an opportunity to highlight your business and invite others in. It can be highly effective in helping you communicate from your first sentence.

  • Problem: The problem is the hook. This is where you pinpoint why your customer should listen to you.
  • Solution: Your solution is where you explain how you can solve the customer’s problem.
  • Result: The result is the transformation your customer will experience after working with you.

Here’s a one-liner example:

Most business owners are great at their craft, but struggle to build and scale a company that allows them to create a life they love. At Flourish Marketing, we develop strategic copywriting, social media, and BioEnergetic Business coaching solutions to help empire builders turn their talents into treasure.

Now it’s your turn. Make your one-liner, share with your team, and then place it on all your social media platforms to establish your brand’s message.

How to Know when you’re Realigned with Honest Communication

When you get realigned with your Honest Communication energy, you will communicate easily rather than shy away from difficult conversations, and you will actively listen to your teammates, customers, and friends. You will express your feelings openly and create business models to communicate your message effectively.

As an entrepreneur, you will feel free to be your authentic self and step into your power, bringing your whole self to your business. Being truthful in your vision will allow you to be effective in creating and growing your business. That’s the power of the Honest Communication energy!

When you realign your Abundance Keys, you open the door to success in your business, personal life, and vision. Honest Communication is vital to you being your most honest, authentic, and vibrant self.

Step out of the toxic cycle and allow yourself to tap into the tools that will make you a happier and more productive entrepreneur. If you need guidance realigning your Abundance Keys, look no further!

Schedule a call with me today to get you on track to your heart’s purpose!

How Honest Communication Plays Out in Your Life and Business

How Honest Communication Plays Out in Your Life and Business

How Honest Communication Plays Out in Your Life and Business

How Honest Communication Plays Out in Your Life and Business

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