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The Growth Guide

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Gaining Trust and Energy to be Renewed in Your Life and Business

Growth Guide

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you have experienced the success of building your business, making sales, and showing the world that you have what it takes to be a boss. You have engaged in business deals, created partnerships, and built an incredible foundation for yourself. Way to go!

However, passing the beginning barriers is only half of the battle. Although you have been able to manifest and achieve all of your goals up until this point, sometimes it can still feel like something is standing in your way.

Trust is an essential aspect of your business. It is crucial to build trust between your brand and your customers, as well as establish trust with yourself, your environment, and your business.

Suppose you’re feeling stuck in your business, seeking to grow your revenue, or you’re feeling uncertain of yourself. In that case, this is the opportunity to take a step back and evaluate your relationship with trust. If you don’t trust yourself, you cannot grow.

As the first Abundance Key, Trust is the first foundational step to achieving directional clarity, increased profit, and breakthroughs in your long-term goals.

What are the Abundance Keys?

The 7 Abundance Keys are a set of energy centers in your body (much like chakras).

  • Trust
  • Compassion and creativity
  • Willpower and self-esteem
  • Gratitude and charisma
  • Honest communication
  • Focus and intuition
  • Love and connection

When any of these centers are off, it can result in you feeling misaligned with your energy, goals, and the growth of your business.

Let’s start with the first one, shall we?


When you lack trust in yourself as an entrepreneur, in your business’ success, or the people around you, you’ll end up feeling stuck where you are and succumb to stagnancy. This makes it virtually impossible for you to feel inspired, creative, or have the abundant energy it takes to run a successful business.

The Trust center is based on security, health, safety, and how you exist in the world. This Abundance Key is also linked to interconnection and being fearless. Having stability and maintaining confidence are central aspects of managing your life and your career.

When the energy is flowing, you can launch yourself forward on your journey. Whether that be through long-term goals with your business or your personal life, getting grounded is one of the first steps in the healthy direction.

But, imagine what could happen if that energy gets blocked up and out of balance. It can leave you feeling low on energy, anxious, frustrated, and creatively compromised. As a human, that is not beneficial, healthy, or productive for you — but, as an entrepreneur, it could present itself in an unsustainable business, too!

If you’re feeling a sense of insecurity and lack of trust in yourself, it’s natural for those feelings to spill over into the fantastic work that you do. When you stop trusting yourself, fear takes over everything, and confidence seems nearly impossible to reach.

As children, we learn what trust is and how to trust others. Then, as we grow into our formative years, we gain the concept of stability. Trust and stability play a significant role in who we become as adults, how we are seen in the world around us, and our decisions.

Building a relationship with yourself requires developing trust. When you trust yourself implicitly, you will gain confidence, learn to depend on friends or family members, and make decisions with authority (and without difficulty).

How To Know If You’re Misaligned With Trust

Misalignment in your Trust center can manifest itself through negative emotions, fear, and less-than-savory decisions. When you can’t place trust in others, it becomes a barrier between you and the extraordinary opportunities and meaningful support that could propel you, your life, and your business in the direction you want to go.

Mistrusting others can also reflect in your business through difficulty making bold decisions, hiring help, or delegating tasks.

Beyond experiencing insecurity, fear, or indecisiveness, other signs that show misalignment with trust can be frequent nightmares, lack of confidence, fear to expand in marketing your business, compromising yourself for others, and constantly feeling overwhelmed.

These are not the feelings that you should have as a hardworking boss and entrepreneur! You should wake up every day ready to SHINE.

However, rest easy knowing that you CAN gain energy, self-confidence, and stability again. When you gain self-confidence, you will become resilient, open yourself up to healthy relationships, achieve better performance in everything you set your mind on, and feel inspired to try new activities.

How To Correct Alignment With Trust

Sometimes when you’re experiencing overwhelming feelings of mistrust and a lack of confidence, it can seem impossible to get back on track. However, there are ways to realign yourself with your trust and develop the energy flow for your journey.

Start this process by detaching from what you know and begin pursuing activities that bring you joy. When you focus too heavily on knowing rather than trusting, your profits are impacted because it shows the universe that you are not open to growth, new ideas, or surprises.

Keep in mind that you are a smart and savvy entrepreneur, with lots of value to bring to the table! Any form of self-doubt or mistrust will keep you from being aligned with your Trust center. It’s alright to open the door to uncertainty because when you do, that’s when change occurs.

Start your journey to realignment with a time of forgiveness. You can light your favorite scented candle and place it nearby so that you can be immersed in the relaxing smell. This is an excellent opportunity for honest communication with yourself and the universe.

Begin by asking the light to protect, envelop, and spread within you. Then. take time to express words of forgiveness. This may be in reference to yourself and the people in your life. For instance, you can say, “I forgive my mom. I forgive myself for judging my mom. I forgive myself.”

Forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self are both powerful ways to heal from guilt, pressure, and frustrations, letting go of the emotional aspects tying you down. When you forgive yourself, you can be free of the past burdens you placed on yourself. Complete the mindfulness exercise by spending a few moments in stillness.

Managing Your Ego and Aligning With Trust

Another step in correcting your misalignment is by taking charge of your ego. Our egos are what make each of us human.

Spiritually, the ego curates who we are as individuals and how we appear in the world around us. Psychologically, the ego plays a role in regulating our actions in an attempt to protect us. Self-regulation becomes an issue when your ego starts spreading mistrust and self-doubt in your mind.

Now is the time to put your ego in check and remind it that you are in charge. You can start managing your ego by creating a mantra and repeating that mantra multiple times during the day.

Take your power back by reminding your ego that it doesn’t have the authority to run your life, make you feel ashamed, or push you out of alignment! Instead, you can give your ego permission to focus on self-love.

Continue your mantra to free yourself from the fears of uncertainty and the ways of the universe. Let go of resisting what you don’t know and be open to the adventures and opportunities that lie ahead. Take a moment to acknowledge any anxious thoughts of making mistakes, failing, or expanding your mindfulness.

Then, shut those thoughts down by boldly stating that they’re invalid. These thoughts do not represent the powerful and fantastic entrepreneur that you have become! Emphasize to your ego that you give yourself permission to receive and give love.

To conclude the mantra, take responsibility for your creative mind and recognize that the ego is of your own creation. The ego is not in power; you are. Therefore, you can choose to be full of love and appreciate each circumstance.

Engage in Meditation

The process of aligning your Trust center requires forgiveness and honesty. Taking part in meditation will help you gain greater awareness of your mental state and circumstances.

Meditation is sometimes seen as an intimidating activity because it requires you to clear your mind. Rather than focusing all your energy on emptying your mind, concentrate on your energy on a positive tone!

Ani-Hu, pronounced as On-Eye-Hue, is a tone used in meditation to clear hindrances and allow you to be open to trust and awareness. To engage in Ani-Hu, create a quiet space for yourself, request the light to fill, protect, and encompass you for the highest good, and either outwardly or inwardly begin chanting, “Hu” or “Ani-Hu.” As you practice this chant, remain present and keep your eyes closed.

When you finish the meditation, take a moment to be thankful and engage in self-care activities.

How To Know When You’re Aligned With Trust

After taking time to engage in forgiveness exercises, ego mantras, and meditation, you may feel lighter, relieved, and rejuvenated. Other signs that reflect alignment in the Trust center may be feelings of safety, stability, and grounded, prosperity, health, a new sense of trust in your intuition, and anxiety reduction.

In addition, you may feel more confident to take on new opportunities, take risks in your business, and be bold in everything you do. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you deserve to enjoy the journey you’re creating, have exponential energy to do all the things you love, and love the life and business you have.

This post aims to empower you and guide you as you seek renewed energy in your life and your business. Luckily, you do not have to go through this experience alone! If you’re looking for guidance in realigning your Abundance Keys and enjoying every aspect of your life once and for all, take the “Unblock Your Energy & Unleash Abundance” quiz.

Gaining Trust and Energy to be Renewed in Your Life and Business

Gaining Trust and Energy to be Renewed in Your Life and Business

Gaining Trust and Energy to be Renewed in Your Life and Business

Gaining Trust and Energy to be Renewed in Your Life and Business

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