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1. Purpose & Power Meditation – Trust


I’m so excited to finally be sharing the very first episode where we are going to dive into a Purpose and Power Meditation. 

The focus of today’s Purpose and Power Meditation is trust. This episode will help you develop a deep, grounded sense of security and help you build the internal tools you need to feel that everything will be fine, no matter what. 

In order to build a business, you must not only trust yourself but also your business. A strong sense of trust will help you confidently know that you’re doing everything you can to create a future for yourself that you’ll enjoy, as well as the journey to get there.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The mantra that will help you realign with your grounded sense of trust
  • 2 different techniques to excavate and replenish
  • How to excavate using forgiveness as a tool
  • The Ani Hu chant
  • Guided meditation around trust

Here’s a peek inside episode

[1:43] Not only do you need to trust yourself, but you need to trust your business.

[3:03] Make sure to check Bio Energetic Business Coaching so that you can see where you are in alignment or where you are out of alignment and how to get back on track.

[6:24] We don’t trust because we’ve been wronged in the past, or we’ve wronged ourselves, or we’ve been keeping a detailed account of each and every single one of our failures.

[6:52] Excavate using forgiveness as a tool; forgiveness and light exercise. It could last for 20 minutes or an hour.

[9:44] Replenish and replenishment comes from connection and building a deeper connection with yourself with the universe with spirit; Ani Hu Chant

[16:54] Diving a little bit more deeply into a guided meditation around trust.

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1. Purpose & Power Meditation – Trust

1. Purpose & Power Meditation – Trust

1. Purpose & Power Meditation – Trust

1. Purpose & Power Meditation – Trust

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