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9. Vulnerability & Courage Coaching Session with Diane Lam


How do you generate self-worth? Is it from a bursting bank account or the newest car? Does it come from  your spouse’s love and support? Or maybe it’s in that fancy outfit you have that makes you feel like a million bucks.

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Diane Lam, a speaker and trusted advisor to high-achieving service-based womxn entrepreneurs. She empowers womxn to own their badassery and scale to the seven-figure businesses they deserve. With 15+ years of experience, Diane has supported the growth of countless small businesses, helping them develop effective systems to give them more freedom and time to focus on their family, relationships and their next seven-figure idea.

Tune in as Diane shares her recent business insights and the mindset shifts she has discovered through journaling and reflection. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Diane’s BioEnergetic Business Coaching scan + her key takeaways
  • Where self worth really lives (and how to explore it)
  • What abundance looks like in a practical sense
  • How to enjoy the ride, even especially when it’s most challenging
  • How to practice non-judgement of observation

Here’s a peek inside this episode:

[1:31] Mantra of the Day

[5:04] Diane’s scan 

[9:04] Why intentionality is essential for practicing gratitude

[10:35] Why it’s so easy to stay focused on what’s not working

[11:54] Diane’s journaling journey

[13:43] Diane’s powerful perspective on “lack”

[19:55] A reminder that all of us are works in progress (it’s not a bad thing!)

[23:56]  Why we tend to practice judgment + how to switch to non-judgment

If you want some more recalibration strategies for compassion and creativity and the other six abundance keys, make sure you go to to download our recalibration guide.

Diane’s Scan (Transformation)

Diane’s Scan (Emotions)

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Where to find more of Diane:

Diane’s Instagram: Diane Lam | System Strategist

Website: Diane Lam

9. Vulnerability & Courage Coaching Session with Diane Lam

9. Vulnerability & Courage Coaching Session with Diane Lam

9. Vulnerability & Courage Coaching Session with Diane Lam

9. Vulnerability & Courage Coaching Session with Diane Lam

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