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17. Purpose & Power Meditation – Synchronicity, Gratitude & Charisma


Did you check the calendar today? If you did, you might have noticed that today is quite the special day! That’s right — it’s February 22, 2022…or, in other words numbers, 2/22/22. Alllllllll the twos!

So with that, we’re going full-woo and diving into some of my favorite topics: Angel numbers, Numerology, the Chinese zodiac, moon cycles, and bioenergetics. Each of these can prepare you for a 2022 filled with abundance so you can make the year an amazing, life-changing experience!

In this episode, I’ll help you find your way through your journey in life with Angel numbers and spiritual manifestation. We’ll also be learning the significance of today’s date, 02/22/2022 which is important in terms of what this year will bring us. 

Angel numbers are different from traditional Numerology, as some numbers convey different meanings to different people. But what works for you will always work for you! A little guidance from the stars isn’t so bad when you’re stuck and don’t know where to go. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The mantra to bring awareness to the synchronicity in each moment.
  • Synchronicity – “deeply meaningful coincidences which mysteriously occur in your life” 
  • The Chinese zodiac and what each sign means.
  • All working out for the highest good.
  • Many tools to tap into the awareness of synchronicity.
  • To be aware of your own path and its many intersections with the paths of others.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the episode: 

[4:07] Angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers that have spiritual significance. Seeing a repeating number is like your angel pointing to you and making you feel seen and heard. 

[5:00] For me, it is not just about seeing the number, it is about feeling like something is intentionally bringing my focus to that number and urging me to pay attention. Not a huge consensus on the meaning of each angel number.

[5:02] 222, in general, may carry sentiments of hope, urging you to focus on positivity, encouraging you to have faith, alignment – you are in the right place at the right time.

[10:10] It is who I am at the core, which is spiritual, curious and analytical. Your life path number represents who you are.

[10:12] 22 is a Master Number. It is known as “Divine” energy channeled into material form. 22 represents great potential. It is the energy of leaders, organizers, and builders.

[12:35] It’s a year of strength in the year of exercising evil. So get rid of that x smudger apartment, it’s time to let it go. And it’s also a year of bravery. You would think that this was the year that Tigers would shine. 

[16:54] So BioEnergetics is the study of detection and correction of the energy field or human body field that surrounds and penetrates your body. It’s scientific. It’s built on quantum physics, which is why I use it as a tool. 

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17. Purpose & Power Meditation – Synchronicity, Gratitude & Charisma

17. Purpose & Power Meditation – Synchronicity, Gratitude & Charisma

17. Purpose & Power Meditation – Synchronicity, Gratitude & Charisma

17. Purpose & Power Meditation – Synchronicity, Gratitude & Charisma

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