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The Growth Guide

Actionable marketing tips to help empire-building entrepreneurs growth businesses they love

OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + You


Do you want to reach that six-figure business without feeling burned out?

Whether you want to hit that elusive six-figure milestone or you simply want to build a business and life you love without feeling burned out, battered, and lost, you’re in the right place.

This three-episode series will take you through the main elements to consider if you want to flourish in business and life. This first episode is all about YOU. The second episode is, well, going to be a little bit more about YOU and the third episode is going to be even more about YOU. 

You guessed it: YOU are the most critical element. 

But the first thing we’re going to talk about is YOU in relation to YOU in this episode. If you are ready to dive into the steps of becoming more confident about owning your business, this episode is for you. Let’s go!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • All about trusting in yourself
  • Why it’s important to rely on yourself – and how to build the habit
  • How showing up for yourself can change the game
  • What KLT stands for
  • How to apply KLT to yourself
  • The four elements of “Trust”

Here’s a peek inside the episode:

[4:35] Building “consistency” with getting to know yourself

[8:19]  All about consistency, showing up with a clear message, and a cohesive image.

[8:55] Create an “I am” statement.

[13:08] Positivity is attractive.

[16:26] The four elements of “Trust.”

[23:16] Tell the FULL story.

[24:20] “Make yourself irresistible so it is a no-brainer to choose you.”

[28:51] Journal prompt: How would my raving fans describe me?

[29:28] Mantra of the Day — I choose me.

[32:54] Cocky vs confident. Own your power. The truth is never cocky.

Are you ready to Own It! in your business this year? Look at you, femmepreneur! I can’t wait to watch you reclaim control and build that beautiful empire. Join Own It! this week to take advantage of our limited-time discounted founder’s rate AND a free bonus copy of The Empire-Builder’s Handbook: Harnessing Clarity + Confidence for Your Cash Flow. Doors close at 5 p.m. PST on April 1, so don’t wait — JOIN NOW!

Connect with me!  

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OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + You

OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + You

OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + You

OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + You

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