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The Growth Guide

Actionable marketing tips to help empire-building entrepreneurs growth businesses they love

OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + Money


Our preconceptions about money, abundance, and value tend to hold a lot of people back from owning the six-figure business of their dreams. Knowing your worth can do wonders for your confidence and will help improve your business as well!

Today, we’re discussing tips and tricks for hitting six figures and how to overcome the obstacles that limit your growth and potential so you can flourish in business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is your worth?
  • Best tips for reaching your six-figure goal
  • Why less truly is more
  • How to avoid making fear-based decisions
  • The concept of money as a cyclical resource – and what it means in business
  • The importance of landing on the right pricing

That’s what this is all about: having fun and enjoying your entrepreneurial journey, your personal journey, and your life journey — all so you can flourish in business and life. 

If you want more tips and tricks on how to do that, make sure to download our free Recalibration Guide at  

Here’s a peek inside the episode:

[1:39] What are the preconceptions about money?

[4:29] Where are these preconceptions coming from?

[9:20]  Understanding that money is cyclical, abundance is cyclical.

[11:00] Learning the art of receiving

[14:30] Learning and understanding that your authentic self is already abundant.

[16:51] The way you communicate can make a massive difference to how that relationship is built.

[18:30] Calling upon and using your abundant resources.

[21:03] Understanding and realizing your worth.

Are you ready to Own It! in your business this year? Look at you, femmepreneur! I can’t wait to watch you reclaim control and build that beautiful empire. Join Own It! this week to take advantage of our limited-time discounted founder’s rate AND a free bonus copy of The Empire-Builder’s Handbook: Harnessing Clarity + Confidence for Your Cash Flow. Doors close at 5 p.m. PST on April 1, so don’t wait — JOIN NOW!

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OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + Money

OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + Money

OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + Money

OWN IT! PODCAST MINI SERIES: How to Own It!: You + Money

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