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25. Podcast Pitching + Small Wins with Jason Cercone


You’ve got a message that has to get out there. Whether you’re afraid to talk about it, don’t know how to get it out there, or just need some advice, we’ve got you covered.

Jason Cercone has joined us on The Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast today! He’s the founder of Sound Consulting, which helps businesses and professionals book guest spots on top-rated podcasts and harness the podcast platform’s authority-building capabilities. He also hosts two of his own podcasts, Evolution of Brand and Pod Theory.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a podcast or become a podcast guest successfully, this is the place to go. Tune in!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Podcast Guest Optimization: How to be the best guest around
  • Qualities that make an amazing podcast guest
  • Why it’s important to have a plan for your podcast pitches
  • Why being on a podcast is a huge deal and how to leverage a feature
  • How podcasts can serve you and how you can serve them
  • Tips to broaden your audience and reach more people

If you want to connect with Jason, visit and pick up his guide, 10 Tips For Becoming a Valuable, Fully Optimized Podcast Guest.

Here’s a peek inside the episode:

[1:29] Getting your message out can feel intimidating.

[03:54] Mantra of the Day — My small wins are huge.

[11:13] It’s about zeroing in on your space in your niche that cuts the number down again.

[13:38] Manage your expectations and start small.

[15:58] “I think one of the reasons why I ended up booking myself so much was a sense of unworthiness, and a sense of not understanding my value.”

[17:59] Podcast guest optimization – be fully prepared. How can the platform serve me and how can I serve it?

[21:04] 1st Step: Collaborate with a quality guest.

[21:46] Present yourself in a meaningful way when pitching. 

[22:04] Make sure to include the “so what” for the host. What makes you valuable?

[24:10] 3rd Step: Be Consistent

[27:28] Be a valuable resource

[30:43] Pay attention to the cover art, show title, clear description, ratings and reviews, number of episodes.

[35:50] Never start a podcast out of spite.

[41:10] Imposter Syndrome antidote — there is something of value in every experience

Connect with me!  

Wise entrepreneurs know it takes money to make money.  But the whats, whens, and whys don’t always seem clear for new(ish) entrepreneurs. Where do you start? Download your FREE guide, “The 5 Most Important Investments to Make as a New Entrepreneur to Grow Your 6-Figure Empire” today and start making smart money moves for your business right away.

Podcast Instagram: The Flourishing Entrepreneur

FM Website: Flourish Marketing | Strategy, Copywriting & Coaching

Schedule a Discovery Call: 30-Minute Discovery Call – ALEYA HARRIS

Guest’s Bio:

Jason Cercone is a creative professional, strategist, podcaster, and all-around well-adjusted bon vivant making his residence in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the Founder of Cercone Consulting, through which he helps brands and professionals get booked as a guest on top-ranked podcasts and leverage the authority-building power of the podcast platform. He is also the host of two podcasts – Evolution of Brand and Pod Theory. When he isn’t face to face with a microphone producing words to live by, you’ll find him consuming good bourbon and a Rocky Patel cigar, obsessing over his fantasy football lineups, and doing everything in his power to break 80 on the golf course. 

Where to find more of Jason:


Jason’s Instagram: Jason Cercone

Jason’s LinkedIn: Jason Cercone

Jason’s Website: Jason Cercone Podcast

Download Jason’s 10 Tips For Becoming a Valuable, Fully Optimized Podcast Guest at 

25. Podcast Pitching + Small Wins with Jason Cercone

25. Podcast Pitching + Small Wins with Jason Cercone

25. Podcast Pitching + Small Wins with Jason Cercone

25. Podcast Pitching + Small Wins with Jason Cercone

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