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26. CEO Sabbaticals + “Including Me” with Julianne Smith


Did you know the quickest way to become dissatisfied with a lack of revenue, time, and sanity is to make commitments that benefit everyone but yourself?

When you do that, you find yourself no longer in the driver’s seat of the car of your dreams.

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Julianne Smith, an amazing expert entrepreneur who owns The Garter Girl and just so happens to be a brilliant Pinterest expert. We will discuss not only entrepreneurship, but also how she has managed to find balance and include herself in her own life, which many of us do not make time to do.

Julianne talks about her wedding garter business, The Garter Girl, how she takes three months off every year from June 1 to September 1, and how she treats herself and her family like customers so she can actually enjoy life and make sure she is a part of it. Stay tuned, and let’s go!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why (and how) to take intentional time off—allow yourself to get paid while you are off.
  • The value of under-promising and over-delivering
  • How to manage Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Why you should look back at your goals to make sure you are contributing.
  • How comparison is the thief of joy


Make sure to download our Recalibration Guide at to get even more recalibration techniques and infuse more of your wonderfulness into your wonderful life.

Here’s a peek inside the episode:

[1:59] Make commitments that work for everyone else besides yourself.

[2:38] Mantra of the Day

[3:48] Make decisions that allow you to live for your highest good.

[10:03] “I figured out the whole need for a break and the need for alignment the hard way.”

[10:32] Take three months off every year but make money for twelve. 

[12:10] “If I don’t take the break, nobody will give it to me.”

[23:01] Adopting the Julie way of speaking & the Julie speech pattern.

[29:19] ALL doesn’t matter so much.

[31:24] Shiny Object Syndrome

[34:32] Continue to look back at your goals to make sure that you’re contributing to your end game.

[37:46]  Make sure you’re comparing the right thing.

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Guest’s Bio:

Julianne Smith is a nationally recognized wedding accessory designer, digital media strategist and small business educator. Julianne is the owner of The Garter Girl, a stylish wedding garter design company she started in 2004, after she couldn’t find a wedding heirloom worthy of her best friend. The Garter Girl is known for stylish and meticulously handmade wedding heirlooms that are too pretty to toss. The Garter Girl and Julianne have been featured on NBC’s Today Show, Lifetime, The Knot, Martha Stewart, Brides, and Glamour as well as many top wedding magazines and blogs.

Julianne helps creative small businesses throughout the wedding industry who are struggling and confused with their online presence. Julianne offers done-for-you services, online courses, and speaking engagements on search engine optimization, blogging, and Pinterest.

Before creating The Garter Girl, Julianne was a political communications strategist, spokeswoman, and media specialist. She worked on Capitol Hill as a member of Congress and served in the White House’s administration.

Where to find more of Julianne:

Julianne’s Instagram Julianne Smith

Julianne’s Website: Julianne Smith

The Garter Girl’s Website:  The Garter Girl

26. CEO Sabbaticals + “Including Me” with Julianne Smith

26. CEO Sabbaticals + “Including Me” with Julianne Smith

26. CEO Sabbaticals + “Including Me” with Julianne Smith

26. CEO Sabbaticals + “Including Me” with Julianne Smith

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