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27. Multimillion-Dollar Business Secrets + #goals with Claire Soares


It’s not every day you get the opportunity to talk to someone who has built a multi-million dollar business, especially as a successful, poised, confident Black woman who’s all about self-care — someone who is relatable and sharing groundbreaking advice to help you bust through your own revenue goals. 

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Claire Soares of Up In The Air Life, who is in fact that multi-million dollar business owner — and she’s done it through ups, downs, and COVID to create a travel agency for Black professionals that helps other people flourish in business and life including herself. 

If you’re really interested in breaking through those profit plateaus and loving your entrepreneurial journey, this episode is for you.

Claire talks about the importance of Self-care as an entrepreneur and how that helps her to grow not just for her business but also for herself. Stay tuned and let’s go!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How important self-care is as an entrepreneur
  • The techniques and tools to use to avoid burnout and stay in alignment, personally and professionally
  • How therapy helped her find more insight into herself
  • Her journey to a multimillion-dollar business owner

Here’s a peek inside the episode:

[4:37] You are your business — when I get burnt out, tired and lost, I’m not able to lead my team.

[5:00] Mantra of the Day

[10:09] Techniques or tools to use, especially in times of growth or extreme lack

[12:55]  It’s not the end result. It’s part of the process.

[19:03] Master the free tools before you start paying for things.

[29:20] The art of delegation.

[30:00] The reason you’re an entrepreneur is because you are creative, you are magical.

[33:22]  It takes time to get to know what you’re doing and master it.

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Guest’s Bio:

Claire Soares is the mastermind behind the flagship international travel company, Up in the Air Life. Claire loves to work her magic to secure substantial deals while creating a business of impact. Soares makes success look easy. And, she hopes to help you do the same.

Claire Soares is a strategic leader, influential cultural innovator, and successful entrepreneur. As a former Sales Executive, Claire’s professional background coupled with her personal business acumen makes her the woman to know when learning more about securing deals and building businesses. Claire speaks to groups throughout the country about venture development, impactful brands, and breaking away from the Black box many African Americans are stuffed in from childhood upbringings to career choices.

Where to find more of Claire:

Claire’s Instagram: Claire Soares

Claire’s Website: Claire Soares

27. Multimillion-Dollar Business Secrets + #goals with Claire Soares

27. Multimillion-Dollar Business Secrets + #goals with Claire Soares

27. Multimillion-Dollar Business Secrets + #goals with Claire Soares

27. Multimillion-Dollar Business Secrets + #goals with Claire Soares

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