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29. Focus for Impact + Living Palms Up with Alex Schauer


I’m so excited to share this special episode as we’re joined by an amazing guest, Alex Schauer. 

Nowadays, we struggle and claw our way up everyday to get where we want to be. But what if I told you that’s not how we should think? In today’s episode, we’re recalibrating our mindsets! Alongside Alex Schauer, we’ll walk you through a recalibration of your mindset where you’ll learn to live with your palms up, ready and waiting to receive the benefits of what you sow. 

In life, you only contribute 10% to the 100% of your situation. The remaining 90% is up to the universe. So once you’ve done your part, let the universe work its magic on your situation and let things happen as they should. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The mantra to recalibrate your mindset into accepting things as they are.
  • How to shift your focus into your business. 
  • Ways to prevent doing things all at once on your own.
  • How to focus your energy on one thing. 
  • What it means to leave it all up to the universe.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the episode: 

[11:11]  For a company to be able to focus on their products, focus on their services, and focus on their messaging. It’s just kind of like that perfect, sweet spot for them to be able to succeed. And truthfully, I think that’s really the problem that I solve.

[15:10] I just don’t think that’s actually a possibility for a profitable business, you have to start with one problem that you solve, and it needs to be very clear. 

[17:47] And I felt like I was running 90 to nothing but I didn’t want to say no to one person because I knew the success that we had experienced.

[23:24] I want to build a legacy of abundance and some peace in my heart. And we’ll be doing some vacations, you know, like the things like I’ll go on vacation now. But I feel like I had to claw my way there. 

[28:07] And you did have that conversation with yourself when you were in that 70 client first year, that kind of when that conversation happened.

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Guest Bio: 

Alex Schauer is the founder of Schauer Branding Co. which is a six figure multi brand consulting agency. She’s an international marketing consultant that helps CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives. She serves a variety of businesses including manufacturing, SAAS, Direct Sales, and IT. 

Get to know Alex more: 

Alex’s Instagram: @alexschauer 

Alex’s LinkedIn: Alex Schauer

Alex’s Website: Schauer Branding Co.

29. Focus for Impact + Living Palms Up with Alex Schauer

29. Focus for Impact + Living Palms Up with Alex Schauer

29. Focus for Impact + Living Palms Up with Alex Schauer

29. Focus for Impact + Living Palms Up with Alex Schauer

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