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30. Purpose & Power Meditation – Focus & Intuition


Knowledge is power. But that knowledge isn’t just about all of the external facts and opinions you can gather online. The most transformative knowledge comes from your intuition. And, lucky for you, that is the topic for today’s episode. 

Today, we are doing one of my favorite types of episodes: a Purpose and Power Meditation. I’m going to walk you through some energy alignment techniques, and then we’re going to dive into a restorative, grounding meditation. You can use it any time you are feeling like you need to tap into your focus and intuition. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Energy alignment techniques
  • The power of trust and discernment
  • How to harness your focus and intuition
  • What it means to tap into an inner knowing
  • Two of my go-to Recalibration Strategies
  • The mantra for this episode – “I trust my inner wisdom”
  • A restorative and grounding meditation to recharge your energy

Here’s a sneak peek inside the episode: 

[2:46] Focus and intuition

[4:14] How being a believer and having faith is very difficult.

[5:02] 1st Recalibration Strategy: Learning how to listen to your body

[10:45] 2nd Recalibration Strategy: To develop your intuition, you are going to write it out and create your vision statement

[13:15] Mantra of the Day — I trust my inner wisdom.

[15:10] Guided Purpose and Power Meditation.

Connect with me! 

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30. Purpose & Power Meditation – Focus & Intuition

30. Purpose & Power Meditation – Focus & Intuition

30. Purpose & Power Meditation – Focus & Intuition

30. Purpose & Power Meditation – Focus & Intuition

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