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How to Empower Your Team to Work Together

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Successful entrepreneurs are only as good as the team that backs them up, so you must put in the work to build a team with the right skills, attitude, and actions to keep your business thriving. But that’s only the first step — you must ensure your team can work together efficiently. Finding perfect harmony within a group dynamic can feel like a daunting task. Just ask anyone who has worked on a group project!

You already know everything runs smoothly when your employees work together. A healthy functioning team can hit deadlines with ease and keep clients happy! However, different communication styles, work ethics, and personalities can cause discord within your crew.

A great leader works with everyone’s unique strengths to eliminate issues and empower their team members to take control of their roles and execute business goals. You deserve to enjoy every minute of your life, including the time you spend building your business. That requires a team that sees your inner wisdom and uses it as a guiding light for your collective success.

But heads up: This empowerment doesn’t happen overnight. Every leader (including me) has had to learn how to own their energy and push their team forward.

As an entrepreneur and team leader, I have been there — feeling lost and confused about the best way to lead your team to success. And when that insecurity takes over, it’s natural to start doubting your ability to take charge and make the right calls. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Are you ready to take the next step as a leader? Now is the time for actions that lead to the abundance you deserve in business and life. So let’s dive into some ways that you can empower your team to work together and flourish!

Ask them for ideas

Your team is more than just a way to delegate and execute your business goals. They are there to contribute insight into your operations, providing crucial feedback about your business plan and team dynamics. Trust that your team already knows how they can work together best.

If your team is struggling, it’s a good sign you need to ask them for insight. You might be surprised to hear what team members bring up! Letting your team know their flow is a priority empowers them to keep teamwork at the top of their minds, especially when new team members start or significant changes rock the boat.

Encourage open communication

Asking questions and seeking feedback from your team is an easy way to keep the lines of communication open. Consider starting a Slack channel or implementing monthly check-in calls for people to sit down together and discuss how things are going. Give your team the space to check in as a group and one-on-one.

Group check-ins encourage team members to discuss what they struggle with and why. These team meetings also give people the space to offer support and empathy to all team members. You may gain insight into team issues you weren’t aware existed.

Remain receptive to all feedback, positive or negative. It’s easy to feel defensive when hearing something you disagree with, but shutting down those lines of communication will only harm your team’s morale in the long run. Take all notes that you receive and use them as fuel to make your team and business the best they can be. Follow up on actions you have taken to improve and see how your team responds!

Incorporate team bonding

The more your team has invested in one another’s lives and success, the better they’ll work together. Set the example by offering personal details of your life to the whole group. Your team will follow suit and, soon, opening up to each other will come naturally. Personal connections within a group lead to teams that are more confident and united. And when your team can collaborate seamlessly, they will provide stronger outcomes.

Don’t worry — your team can still get to know each other virtually, even if everyone works remotely. Team bonding can be as simple as including everyone in a brainstorming session or as in-depth as completing personality quizzes and sharing the results. These activities increase our understanding of one another and improve how we communicate and work together.

Incorporate breaks

We all know the dangers of overworking and how it can result in full burnout. Regular time off can prevent exhaustion and lack of inspiration that often comes with pushing yourself too hard. Encourage your crew to use their vacation time and set firm working boundaries.

A big part of this lies in your responsibility to communicate deadlines early and clearly. Make sure your team knows when you expect responses to emails or other forms of communication. In-office teams can benefit from coffee runs, team lunches, or other daily routine breaks — but they need to know nothing will catch on fire when they’re out.

Recognize one another

Great team members work hard and know the rest of the team is putting in their fair share of effort. Create a system for team members to acknowledge one another and show appreciation for others’ support that has made their life easier. You can incorporate these into weekly check-ins or create a ‘thank you’ poster board or Slack channel where individuals can leave notes of appreciation.

It’s essential to celebrate wins, especially as an entrepreneur! Take time after a big accomplishment to recognize the hard work that led to the success. A quick note, a gift card or other small gift can go a long way in building appreciation within a group.

Fostering a culture of positivity is a daily and continuous practice. Don’t wait for a special day or event to celebrate. Take time at the moment to honor your team and live it up!

Clearly define roles

The best team members know their role and how it moves the business forward. Everyone should know who does what and how they can help one another. When roles are not clearly defined, team members may take on someone else’s responsibilities. Not only can this duplicate work, but it can lead to burnout when people take on too much.

These situations can lead to complicated team dynamics and an exhausted team. Getting clear on team roles early in the hiring process will prevent such an outcome. Keep each team member’s strengths and own goals in mind when setting responsibilities.

Accept that roles may shift as your business grows and be ready to redefine roles regularly. When bringing on new hires, include your team in the process so they know exactly how new members can support the entire team.

Show appreciation

It’s essential to encourage appreciation among the team and show them you recognize their hard work. Your crew came on to help your business grow. Make sure each individual knows how much it means to you that they are here for the ride.

Regular thanks on company updates or a recurring system of check-ins can encourage an appreciation within the team. When teammates know their hard work is recognized, they are more likely to inspire others and keep chasing their dreams. Empowered teams are powerful teams!

Get ready for your dream team that will make your dreams a reality.

You have already worked to build a team ready to support your dreams. You deserve a team that gets you and increases your creative flow! These simple steps can help boost your team’s energy and avoid staying stuck in a rut.

Use these actions to empower your team to move forward together, nailing deadlines and closing deals. When your crew has their flow down, it leaves more time for you to focus your energy on growing a business and life you adore.

If you are ready for even more insight into unleashing your and your team’s abundance, book a BioEnergetic Business Coaching session with me! Getting your business to the next level means putting in the work and refocusing your energy on the things that matter. Take it from someone who has been there; having a mentor and coach in your corner is the ultimate secret weapon.

Not only will you walk away with a partner and plan, but you will also release the energy that is holding you back. You deserve to feel great while building your empire; find out how you can!

How to Empower Your Team to Work Together

How to Empower Your Team to Work Together

How to Empower Your Team to Work Together

How to Empower Your Team to Work Together

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