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32. Wandering + Finding Your Intuition with Rachel Zurer


Figuring out the meaning of life is one of the most difficult (but significant) things a person can do. We sometimes feel so lost or uncertain of our purpose in life, waiting for a calling. 

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Rachel Zurer, a former journalist/magazine editor for 10 years. She quit her career as a journalist and found her way to becoming a Story Brand Certified Guide right before the pandemic. Within a year, she earned double while pursuing her mission to help her clients change the world by helping them make important decisions about creating meaningful, abundant lives. 

In this episode, we talk about how she heeded her heart’s calling, her experience going on a vision quest, cultivating intuition intentionally, and a lot more.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to surrender to the beauty that can be manifested in your life
  • The power of practicing not needing to understand why
  • How to enjoy the journey of the unknown
  • Why you don’t always have to follow your intuition
  • How to calibrate yourself and practice with small daily decisions
  • Why you deserve to be honest with yourself
  • How to use your tools to find your way

If you’re interested in more recalibration strategies (in addition to the ones Amy shared!), be sure to go to to download our FREE Recalibration Guide.

Here’s a peek inside the episode:

[22:47] Cultivating intuition through yoga

[29:49] Rachel’s 3 Tips on Tapping into your Intuition 

[34:35] Learning to trust so you can delegate the things you hate

[36:50] The beauty of the journey when you’re doing the wandering

[41:02] Journal prompt questions

[42:14] Letting go to open new opportunities

[44:13] Life is like a butterfly

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Guest Bio:

Rachel Zurer was formerly a journalist and a magazine editor for 10 years. She quit her job because it didn’t feel right. Her intuition told her to move on. She went on a vision quest, moved into an RV and went all over for a year and landed in the middle of the pandemic with a new career as a Story Brand Certified Guide. Within a year a year following her intuition. She was making double what she was ever able to make before and helping incredible clients on a mission to change the world. She is able to connect that embodied wisdom with her ability to market.

Resources mentioned by Rachel:

Note: This episode’s show notes contain affiliate links

Where to find more of Rachel:

Rachel’s Website: Magic Words Marketing

Rachel’s Instagram: Magic Words Marketing

Rachel’s LinkedIn: Rachel Zurer

32. Wandering + Finding Your Intuition with Rachel Zurer

32. Wandering + Finding Your Intuition with Rachel Zurer

32. Wandering + Finding Your Intuition with Rachel Zurer

32. Wandering + Finding Your Intuition with Rachel Zurer

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