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34. Legit Self Care + Real Talk with Renée Dalo


I cannot wait to finally share this episode about self-care, especially with the big brain gems of our guest, Renée Dalo. 

Renée was one of the Top 500 most influential event professionals in the US, as named by Bizbash. And she has also received a 20 On the Rise recognition from HoneyBook, Gusto, and Peerspace. But Renée isn’t just a high achiever, she is one of the most grounded, down-to-earth people you’ll meet. She tells it like it is and provides you with all of the real-world guidance you need to succeed and thrive in business and life. 

Join us for a great episode as she shares three tangible tips for success:

  • Starting before you are ready
  • Knowing yourself
  • Getting good at public speaking

She will also share some personal advice.

  • Her daily rituals 
  • How to set yourself up for success at the beginning of the day
  • What it is like to work with a life coach
  • Learning how to be more comfortable as a business owner
  • Charging more money
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome

Listen, and let us dive into the rawest complete version of ourselves.

Here is a glance at today’s episode:        

  • [0:10] Self-care transcends into how you take care of yourself as if you were your own precious, most prized possession.
  • [6:34] Today’s mantra is: I take great care of myself.
  • [6:59] When you take great care of yourself, you then can take great care of others, but your primary responsibility is and will always be to yourself.  
  • [14:55] Working with a life coach, and figuring out what I need to do.
  • [22:16] Start before you’re ready.
  • [26:02] Outsourcing will help you.
  • [27:11] Once you know yourself and you acknowledge some things about yourself, life gets a lot easier.
  • [30:27] Get good at public speaking.
  • [31:15] I feel like you’re more competent on stage when you know yourself. 
  • [38:50] Charge more money.
  • [51:39] If you never did anything risky with your life, then you wouldn’t have imposter syndrome. 

If you are interested in getting more recalibrated so you can set yourself up for success, download the FREE Recalibration Guide at

And connect with me!  

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Guest’s Bio:

Renée Dalo worked as a wedding and event designer, an instructor in the wedding business, a podcast host, and a public speaker. She has a fantastic podcast called Talk with Renée Dalo.

And she is the developer of numerous popular courses for Wedding Professionals, including Wedding Management 101, an online certification course for wedding planners who want to uplevel their day of coordinating packages.

Renée has also built numerous more courses and profitable pro bundles. She speaks on platforms such as the wedding MBA, alt summit, and other special events.

Connect and learn more about her.

Instagram: @reneedalo

Podcast Instagram: @talkwithreneedalo


34. Legit Self Care + Real Talk with Renée Dalo

34. Legit Self Care + Real Talk with Renée Dalo

34. Legit Self Care + Real Talk with Renée Dalo

34. Legit Self Care + Real Talk with Renée Dalo

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