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7 Strategies to Help You Beat Imposter Syndrome

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Real talk: All entrepreneurs struggle with imposter syndrome, regardless of their success level. Maybe you have been starting to notice feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. Those deep in imposter syndrome’s grips know it can be a slippery slope. What begins as disbelief that you could be the creator of your success can lead to self-sabotage and passing on opportunities.

Success doesn’t come easy, and as an entrepreneur, I’ve had a front-row seat to just how difficult it can be. So, after 13 years in the marketing industry, I am on a mission to help other entrepreneurs unleash their full potential. Because you deserve to love your journey to success!

You have already put in the work, and no one, including yourself, should downplay your accomplishments. You already have the answers inside you – you need to use your intuition to set the course.

You can’t let imposter syndrome stop you from building your empire. But, you don’t have to battle this monster alone! I have picked up some essential tips to help you honor your feelings and move past them. Of course, you already know your worth (I hope!), but these practices will allow you to remember your greatness when you need it most.

Make a personal wins list

You might have heard this tip, but have you actually used it? It’s time to sit down at the end of each day and think about what you’re proud of. Some days, it could be signing a new client, whereas others, it’s that you took 20 minutes to read a book!

These can be both personal and professional accomplishments, but taking a moment to recognize them will boost your confidence. In addition, seeing everything you checked off your to-do list will empower you to keep stretching your limits – because you know you can get it done!

Acknowledge your feelings

Imposter syndrome thrives on isolation, so the last thing you want is to bottle things up. Remember that everyone has felt this way before. You are not alone!

Reach out to a friend or mentor. Be open about your struggles and feelings, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your willingness to open the line of communication will inspire and comfort others.

Join a strong community

Entrepreneurship can be incredibly lonely, and self-doubt creeps in faster when we’re flying solo. That’s why finding a community you can lean on and confide in is so important. As a result, you’ll feel much better about your journey and have the support you need when times are tough.

A community of like-minded entrepreneurs will remind you there is more to life than the hustle and grind. Having been there myself, I know a supportive group can kick imposter syndrome to the curb. So start your search online to look for Facebook or LinkedIn groups full of business owners who are excited to learn more about your journey.

Avoid comparisons

One of the sneakiest aspects of imposter syndrome is the comparison game it makes you play. When we continuously compare ourselves to others, we set ourselves up for hurt. We think, “I don’t have what she has, so I must not be good enough.”

Most of the time, deep down, we know this couldn’t be further from the truth – we are all walking our own paths here! Everyone’s journey will look different, which is part of its beauty. So stick to your path, trust your intuition, and know the Universe has your back.


Sometimes, those consuming comparisons appear as we’re scrolling through social

media. Browsing through everyone’s highlight reel is a sure-fire way to open the door to self-doubt.

So if you notice your negative self-talk picking up when scrolling, it may be time for a break. Take a day or two to unplug and focus on your needs. Turn off notifications, delete the apps, and put down the phone. Do whatever you need to step away and decompress.

Taking time off social media will help you gain clarity regarding your goals. Remind yourself to avoid focusing on comparing your business and success to others.

Practice gratitude

All of us may think we are grateful, but this is a practice that requires just that – practice. Schedule gratitude reminders into your day so you never forget to pause and remember the things you have accomplished. Try making a gratitude list and writing down three things you’re grateful for every night.

The more grateful you are, the easier it is to celebrate your journey and all you have already succeeded in! Daily reminders of what you’re thankful for will invite well-deserved abundance into your life.


Get that negative self-talk out of your system! There’s nothing like putting pen to paper and letting your negative thoughts sit on a page instead of inside your head.

Journaling is an effective tool for releasing and understanding. In addition, writing out your self-doubt may trigger you to notice what brought these thoughts up.

Alternatively, journaling about your achievements is an easy way to boost confidence and reflect on your wins. So grab your journal and write about the following prompt, “What am I most proud of personally and professionally?” It’s okay to brag here – you’re a savvy entrepreneur who deserves to celebrate herself!

Kick imposter syndrome to the curb

While nearly everyone has faced off with imposter syndrome, it doesn’t have to be your reality. Gratitude, community, and trust in your potential can help you overcome your fears and continue reaching new heights.

Remember to tap into your intuition as you try out these practices for keeping imposter syndrome at bay. Your inner wisdom is the guiding light that can lead you to success. Avoid doubting your intuition and seeking validation from others – you already have the power inside you!

Feeling stuck and not sure where to start with finding your inner light? Let’s take a look at what is specifically holding you back, so you can get ready to unlock your abundance.

And if you have already tried seeking help but are still left feeling unfulfilled, that’s where bioenergetics comes in. By creating a holistic solution with you at the center, you can realign with your vision so you can thrive in business and life. So book an intro call with me today to learn how to tap into your inner strength and watch your dreams flourish!

7 Strategies to Help You Beat Imposter Syndrome

7 Strategies to Help You Beat Imposter Syndrome

7 Strategies to Help You Beat Imposter Syndrome

7 Strategies to Help You Beat Imposter Syndrome

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