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37. Therapy vs. Coaching + Self-Actualization with Jenny Maenpaa


Are you surviving in life? Or are you thriving? Is everything just a high? Or do you wake up to a different reality? 

I love my life — I do feel that I am flourishing. I feel like I can take my attention away from the basics of food, clothing, shelter, making money, and running errands to exploring my ultimate purpose in life. Where do I want to go? Who do I want to be? What are my values? 

But it took me time to get here. (And plenty of mistakes and detours, since we’re being honest.) 

Do you have the headspace to craft and curate a life that allows that type of freedom? Maybe, maybe not. 

In this episode, we are talking with Jenny Maenpaa. We dive into self-actualization goals, boundaries, differences between therapy and coaching, and how to truly capture the essence of who you are using all of the facets of your personality to move towards your highest self. Stay tuned, and let’s go!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • All about self-actualization goals
  • Key differences between therapy and coaching
  • A frank look at boundaries and why you need them
  • How to embrace everything that makes you YOU so you can live your heart’s purpose
  • A journal prompt of Jenny’s core values and living in alignment with them

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Here’s a peek inside the episode:

[4:55] Today’s Mantra is “I use healthy boundaries to invite people and blessings in”.

[15:19] Channel high-functioning anxiety into productivity

[18:47] Asking for help is important

[21:34] Have a plan but don’t be rigid

[24:07] Boundaries aren’t to keep people out, they are to invite people in

[24:41] Boundaries are a way to help others feels safe and loved

[25:43] Friendship energy audits on a regular basis

[32:37] Happiness is like hunger

[36:19] Narrative vs Evidence

[41:42] Therapy gets you to functioning. Coaching helps you self-actualize.

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Guest’s Bio:

Meet Jenny Maenpaa, LCSW, EdM, Practice Founder & CEO: 

What makes Jenny come alive is seeing women realize the unlimited potential within them. When women can take care of themselves personally, their light shines through, and the best version of them shows up professionally. And that version is a badass who stands tall, knows her worth, and lights up the world.

As a therapist, Jenny specializes in combining CBT and psychodynamic therapy to help stressed-out, overachieving women overcome impostor syndrome and dissatisfaction.  As a result of working with Jenny, women go from just chasing the brass ring to achieving sustainable happiness in every aspect of their lives.

Where to find more of Jenny:

Jenny’s Instagram Jenny Maenpaa

Jenny’s Website: Jenny Maenpaa

Jenny’s Email: Jenny Maenpaa

37. Therapy vs. Coaching + Self-Actualization with Jenny Maenpaa

37. Therapy vs. Coaching + Self-Actualization with Jenny Maenpaa

37. Therapy vs. Coaching + Self-Actualization with Jenny Maenpaa

37. Therapy vs. Coaching + Self-Actualization with Jenny Maenpaa

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