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How to Show Up as Your Authentic Self Online

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Social media is notorious for showing us a highlight reel of other people’s lives. It’s tough to know who someone truly is if they only share the good things in their life. We all crave authenticity, which is why bringing your genuineness to your online presence is essential.

Your target audience wants to know you – and not just the clean-cut, professional version. Showing up as your authentic self online allows people to understand and trust you. Sharing your highs and lows gives people the full story of you and your brand.

However, being authentic is trickier than it sounds. In today’s world, we are conditioned to want to share the best parts of our lives online. It’s not your fault that wins are what we gravitate toward sharing. But, of course, we want to be celebrated, especially in a place that feels extra vulnerable, like social media.

But if we want to stand out, use our voice, and build trust among our audience, we need to get real. I know this can be a struggle! Self-doubt creeps in, impacting your voice and sometimes even damaging your self-worth.

After years of self-discovery and hard work, I have overcome those nagging fears to create a thriving business, helping entrepreneurs like you discover their true potential. In addition to assisting clients in finding and owning their brand voice, I also have some tips for those who may need to start the journey or need a boost of confidence!

Start with self-love

Showing up confidently and authentically starts with learning to love yourself first and fully. Take pride in who you are and why you love what you do. You want to shine through this passion and excitement for your business!

Prioritize getting to know who you are and what goals you have for yourself, personally and professionally. Journaling about self-love and your future can help you define precisely what you want to do with your business. In addition, taking the journey of self-love means you can share yourself with others in a way that’s honest and refreshing.

Uncover your purpose

Knowing your heart’s calling is a freeing experience. When you know you’re doing what you genuinely want, you’re not afraid to share the good, bad, and ugly. Discovering your true purpose in life and business will empower you to take control of your messaging and share your story – no matter where you are in the journey!

Stand confidently in your purpose and know your audience will appreciate seeing what lights your soul on fire.

Think outside of the box

Don’t feel you need to stick to the status quo as you create content. Shake things up! It can be easy to keep sharing content you know will get positive engagement, but you can find your target audience when you let go of those worries. Being open to different types of content creates a space for others to authentically engage with you!

Share a post full of your unfiltered opinions or tell a story about when you completely failed at something. People will love how authentic you are, finding it easier to trust you as they know you’re someone who won’t simply say things they want to hear.

Engage with others

One of the best ways to be authentic online is by supporting and lifting up others. So throw out some compliments and remember that real queens fix another’s crown – without even telling them it’s crooked in the first place. Engagement is a big deal on social media, so take time to like different posts, leave comments, and honestly respond to what others are putting out there.

Ending the comparison cycle starts with creating empathy and connection online. While it’s easy to get frustrated or let the jealousy monster rear its head, remember that behind every profile is a person too! We are all looking for connection and growth, so spread the love.

Make it a habit

If you worry you’re being inauthentic, check yourself before you hit publish. This can take time! Maybe you have someone else review your social media posts or add an extra day into your blog publishing schedule to revisit what you initially wrote. One of my favorite strategies is to write up a batch of posts in one sitting and then come back to schedule or publish them with fresh eyes.

Not only does this ensure that there are no errors, but it helps give perspective to the content you are sharing. It is hard to shake off the idea that we need to be “perfect” online. We need to teach ourselves how to show up in a way that’s not meant to impress others but to be genuine and honest.

Trust your gut

Allow your intuition to guide you when it comes to showing up online. If you feel called to share something, share it! Try not to worry too much about what others will think. This is your business and online presence. You get to make it what you want it to be.

Conversely, don’t feel pressured to hop on trends that don’t align with your values or business goals. You can also take the opportunity to put a new spin on a trend that fits better with your vision. You know your business and voice best, so dig into your intuition and trust that you already know how to share your story.


Sometimes we struggle with authenticity because we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others. You can avoid these constant comparisons by taking a day or two to unplug completely. Once you’re offline, you’ll appreciate your everyday life, feeling grateful for what’s around you. If you’re struggling to show up, remember that it’s okay to take a break!

Scheduling platforms and third-party social media management teams make taking breaks while keeping content going a breeze. Plus letting your community know you are taking a break and why will inspire others to take the same kind of care with themselves.

Social media was created as a way for us to connect with like-minded folks across the globe – so use it to spread the message and set the example you want others to follow!

You are more than just another business. You are unique, so your approach to business should be too. If you are still struggling to unlock what your mission is, take this quiz to find out exactly what is holding you back.

If you still need more support, it might be time to schedule a one-on-one with someone who can relate to exactly where you are. Book a call with me directly so we can discuss how you might be getting in your own way. Asking for help isn’t easy, but trust me, it’s always worth it!

Don’t make the same mistakes over and over. Instead, get the support you need to take your business and life to the next level!

How to Show Up as Your Authentic Self Online

How to Show Up as Your Authentic Self Online

How to Show Up as Your Authentic Self Online

How to Show Up as Your Authentic Self Online

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