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38. Hiring a Family Assistant + Life Harmony with Amber Anderson


Do you ever feel burnt out? Overwhelmed? Feeling like you’re doing everything at work and at home? Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s something not working for you in your life and you need to evaluate the decisions that you make. 

In this episode, we have Amber Anderson with us, as she brings us her rational honesty. We’ll talk about delegating tasks to others and learning to step back and let others do what we think we can do (but is really weighing us down). She’s here to remind us that we don’t have to be defined by stereotypes of what we should do. That women shouldn’t just be housewives — women can work and maintain a household as well. 

We’ll be talking more about removing that huge weight on your shoulders in this episode. Tune in now! 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why people cannot be defined by what they do. 
  • How to delegate tasks that prevent you from doing the most important things. 
  • How to use project management tools in your business as well as in personal life. 
  • How to make an SOP for your personal life. 
  • How to balance your mind, body and soul. 

Here’s a sneak peek inside the episode: 

[1:50]  Every decision you make in your life you either created, promoted, or allowed — and you have full responsibility and accountability for what goes on.

[2:00] Instead of approaching your business from a systematic way and leaving your home life just willy nilly. I would suggest coming up with SOPs for your home life as well.

[5:56] Don’t place your value in antiquated thoughts about who you are and what you are — “supposed to do” is not going to work.

[6:00] You want to outsource something in your business so you can have the freedom to do that time.

[13:25] You absolutely have to be engaged in your own transformation, no matter how great the infrastructure, time, and love you give to them. They eventually have to do the work themselves.

[15:46] People ask for what they think they need. It’s best for us to give them what we know they need and what works best for the sustainability of things.

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Guest Bio

Amber has been a business owner for more than a decade and just recently been handed the reins of Refine. She took the company from a $30k success to a quarter million dollars in under 2 years of leadership. 

She’s someone who has eyes on the prize and won’t take no for an answer. Not worried about the goals and processes of others, but focused on her business and what she can give authentically. She sees the beauty in tactfully delivering hard truths that better our industry, pushing entrepreneurs to grow through honesty paired with encouragement. 

She’s all about real talk. 

Find more of Amber on: 

IG: @refineforweddingplanners

Website: Refine for Wedding Planners

Facebook Group: The Refine Facebook Group

38. Hiring a Family Assistant + Life Harmony with Amber Anderson

38. Hiring a Family Assistant + Life Harmony with Amber Anderson

38. Hiring a Family Assistant + Life Harmony with Amber Anderson

38. Hiring a Family Assistant + Life Harmony with Amber Anderson

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