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6 Ways You’re Hijacking Your Self-Esteem

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Do you ever find yourself making choices that you know are harmful to your self-worth? Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy and make decisions that are the opposite of self-love. But if we genuinely want to thrive as empire builders, we need to be confident in who we are and what we bring to the table. Of course, this is easier said than done – trust me – I know!

Becoming your best self inside and outside your business starts with putting in the work. Maybe you are already doing all the positive affirmations and hype talk but still, feel like you aren’t where you should be.

Feeling behind in life and business can be a struggle to overcome. After being laid off, I can relate to the battle of feeling overwhelmed with starting over. But when you tap into your true purpose and follow your intuition – anything is possible!

Ready to unlock your potential and take your life and business to the next level? You can boost your self-worth with simple practices. Let’s look at ways you might be holding yourself back without even noticing.

You constantly compare

Comparing yourself to others is a great way to feel not-so-great about yourself. Though someone might

be in a similar role or life stage, they’re not you. We’re all different and must do what’s best for ourselves and our businesses.

Scrolling through social media wishing you were someone else isn’t going to get you anywhere. So instead, focus on unplugging and remind yourself that another person’s success doesn’t take away from your accomplishments.

If you don’t want to give up social media, try pivoting your focus when viewing others’ content. Celebrate their wins, be inspired by their success, and use their lessons for your gain.

You don’t acknowledge your wins

If you don’t take the time to recognize your hard work, you will find yourself struggling to feel inspired by your work. In addition to impacting your self-esteem, you might find yourself burned out and frustrated. But, big or small, you need to sit down at the end of each day and acknowledge the work you’ve put in.

Sometimes, it may be landing a new sales call, and others, it’ll simply be having a clean inbox. Daily journaling can help reinforce this or weekly check-ins with your team that highlights significant accomplishments. Regardless, make sure you recognize your hard work and start appreciating yourself!

You lack community

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. There is so much that is put on your shoulders

as the leader of your organization. Asking for help isn’t easy, but it’s crucial to surround yourself with a crew that will uplift and support you.

The right circle of people will offer advice, encourage you, and make sure you understand your worth. Seek out a community of like-minded folks who know where you’re coming from and will help ensure you have all you need to succeed!

Those who want to see you succeed will celebrate the things that make you unique. A genuinely supportive community shares connections and insights. The people are there for you in good times and bad.

You don’t practice gratitude

When we fail to acknowledge the goodness surrounding us, our lives lack abundance. As a busy empire builder, it’s not always easy to shake off the hustle mindset. But to feel better about yourself and your life, you must slow down and practice gratitude.

This may mean having a gratitude journal or simply sharing three things aloud you’re grateful for before bed each night. Set a daily gratitude reminder so you never miss a day or find a buddy you check in with. Think about all you have to be thankful for, and you’ll instantly feel better about where you’re.

You’re only looking back

Business ownership is a rollercoaster, and getting caught up in the past can be a common stumbling block. But staying stuck in the past will only contribute to low self-esteem. To focus on self-love and acceptance, you need to look ahead – not behind.

We all make mistakes, and though we wish we could change things after, we can’t. Learn from those errors and use the lessons learned to move forward. When we take these lessons with us, we approach our business with more knowledge and wisdom than before.

You focus on the negative

When minor things go wrong, do you instantly blame yourself? To stop hijacking your self-esteem, you will need to flip these negative situations on their head. When things do go wrong, try reframing things in a positive light.

For example, don’t consider a loss if a client decides to part ways. Instead, remind yourself that they’re leaving room in your schedule for a client who is truly aligned with your business and its values. This also means additional time for you to create new offers and focus on building a stronger team.

When creating an empire, there will always be problems, so get ready to roll with the punches. The path that is meant for you will reveal itself, sometimes with hardships and perceived failures along the way!

Don’t let your self-esteem sit second to your business goals. You can truly thrive when you are confident and aligned with your purpose. Maybe you have already sought out answers for how to take your life and business to the next level but are still feeling a lack of worth.

Simple solutions will never be able to resolve what’s going on. But, this is where my experience with Bioenergetics can truly shine. Get to the heart of what’s holding you back and get ready to transform into a legend. Healing your internal doubts and fears will enable you to lead your business and team into legends.

You deserve to love yourself and your business, starting with trusting yourself. Who doesn’t want to feel refreshed and energized after a long day at work? Take the time to invest in yourself. Let’s carve out some time to chat so that we can work together to create a life and business that will truly flourish.

6 Ways You’re Hijacking Your Self-Esteem

6 Ways You’re Hijacking Your Self-Esteem

6 Ways You’re Hijacking Your Self-Esteem

6 Ways You’re Hijacking Your Self-Esteem

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