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40. Serenity + Discernment with Jonathan Aymin


Do you think there’s no serenity in entrepreneurship? Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s not always the case and we’ll give you insights into how serenity is actually a key element to your business. Plus, you’ll get a lot of inspiring and motivational tips to own your role as the CEO of your business!

In this episode, Jonathan Aymin of Common Sense Events and the Venue RX Podcast will join us as we talk about how serenity can be a key element to a successful business. We’ll be going over how to incorporate a sense of calm into running your business and other tips he’ll share based on his experience as an entrepreneur, father of five, and husband. 

If calmness in the workplace is what you’re looking for, let’s dive into the episode now! 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The mantra for today is “I use discernment to know when to change and when to flow.” 
  • Being calm and steadfast in the face of adversity. 
  • Understanding what pieces of escapism may be preventing you from getting to the life you want. 
  • Being in control of your own realignment.
  • Surrounding yourself with people strategically who are building into your future, not pulling you back from it.

A little sneak peek inside the episode: 

[7:32] Modifying your expectations and the story he tells himself about his life. 

[17:42] Be intentional about what is in your environment. Audit yourself and how you’re showing up.

[17:45] Spend time thinking about what I am headed toward and the realignment that gives me.

[27:59] Taking breaks that still move you towards your goals.

[31:15] Be honest. Don’t tell yourself positive lies.

[31:16] Write down what you want out of your life.

[51:13] Stop being weak – stay in the fire.

[51:14] Have a grasp on yourself – go back to basics. What are you putting into yourself because that makes up the cup you can pour from.

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Guest Bio 

Jonathan Aymin is the owner and CEO of Common Sense Events where they provide staffing for events such as weddings or event business. They offer event management and extra staffing for venues, planning, and more! He also hosts his own podcast, Host of The Venue RX. 

While being a full-time entrepreneur, Jonathan is also a husband and dad of four children with one on the way. Jonathan loves all things buffalo flavored. 

Find more of Jonathan here:







40. Serenity + Discernment with Jonathan Aymin

40. Serenity + Discernment with Jonathan Aymin

40. Serenity + Discernment with Jonathan Aymin

40. Serenity + Discernment with Jonathan Aymin

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