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How to Foster Deeper Connections as a Solopreneur

Growth Guide

What people don’t usually tell you about being an entrepreneur is how lonely the journey can be. Often, your days are spent working on your own, carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders – especially if you’re starting out.

Most solopreneurs are in charge of everything from top to bottom, which can be draining. Starting a new company comes with so much freedom and so much work. Endless to-do lists, phone calls, and research, but you shouldn’t have to feel this way on your journey to greatness. 

So what helps? Surrounding yourself with the right people and fostering meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs. This way, you’re not alone and can gain the insight and support your business needs to thrive. 

Attempting to build a community while also starting a business can seem daunting. However, after the experience of creating my own company and supporting dozens of other solopreneurs on their journeys,’ I have some easy ways you can start to seek out a supportive community.

Think outside of your industry 

Yes, it’s wise to connect with those in your industry, but chances are, there are plenty of other people out there who are looking for you! So focus on how you can connect with others who might need your help – not just those who have the same business as you. This outside perspective might be exactly what you need to grow. 

Not only will networking with other industries help you, but you may also provide a unique perspective on their business and world. Fostering connections across industries also offers a diverse pool of people you can turn to for help. You don’t need to be a master at every piece of business to run one. Instead, ask for support from those who are experts in their field.

Focus on giving

To make deeper connections, you must ask yourself: How can I help this person? What would help build our relationship? Whether it’s a free social media audit or simply hopping on a call to chat, deeper connections will come when you remain selfless and focus on giving back. 

Most likely, you started your business because you wanted to help others. You have unique expertise that can serve others, so use that to lift entrepreneurs. 

Attend local and virtual events 

In-person events are great, as you can chat with people one-on-one, but virtual events can be just as impactful. Look up conferences and events in your field of interest and plan to attend, in-person or virtually. Make it a goal to connect with a certain number of new people daily. 

Look around locally too. Maybe there are business associations, clubs, or other professional groups you can join. For example, consider joining your local Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together chapter so you can meet with entrepreneurs from different industries and foster those deeper connections in person.

Join a mastermind or smaller course 

These are excellent tools for furthering your overall knowledge, and they also come with built-in networking opportunities. Sometimes, masterminds and courses come with plenty of group work, whether it’s group coaching or monthly check-in calls. In addition, these tight-knit groups often come with support and encouragement.

Webinars and one-day classes are another way to seek out these small group settings. Look for opportunities to not only further your education but further your connections as well. 

Hire a coach

A coach can be monumental regarding the growth of your business and the connection you’re able to make with someone. Trust me; I don’t know where I’d be without my coach! It has been crucial to my growth as a person and a professional to have someone who has been there before.

A coach is more than someone to vent to or bounce ideas off of. They can also help you recalibrate your energy and business goals. BioEnergetic Business Coaching is a holistic approach to business mentoring.

Bioenergetics is all about the energy that runs through our body and influences every aspect of our lives, from how we present ourselves in business to the relationships we develop with those around us. When an entrepreneur’s energy flows, their business is positioned to thrive. 

Find social media groups

If your social media feeds are full of surface-level posts from people you don’t feel inspired by, things need to change! Remember that social media is a tool for business owners. You can use these platforms to connect with your audience and potential partners and mentors.

Search on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn for groups of like-minded entrepreneurs. Remember not to go overboard here – 1-2 groups where you’re active each day are much more impactful than 3-4 groups where you can’t keep up.

Ask for help

One of the best ways to foster deeper connections as a solopreneur is? To not fly solo anymore! If specific tasks or areas of your business fill you with dread – it might be time to outsource. Relying on others for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s just a smart business move.

Knowing your limits and when to ask for support is a critical skill that entrepreneurs need to learn. Those you reach out to will be grateful that they can offer that support.

Whether you hire a contractor or employee, know that this person should be someone you can genuinely connect with. Take your time finding team members that fit perfectly with your business and its goals!

Don’t settle

If you join a community or start connecting with someone and your gut feels off, it’s okay to give yourself some space. Then, leave the group, start your search over again, and know that making deeper connections shouldn’t feel like a chore. 

Don’t settle for a community you don’t feel accepts you exactly as you are. Instead, you want to find a group that will help you thrive – not drag you down!

Finding your crew as a new entrepreneur can seem intimidating, but there are people around you who want to see you thrive. You deserve to find the right people that lift you and want to see your business succeed. 

Still, feeling lonely and lost? Let’s talk more about options for building your empire, book a call with me today to discover your authentic story and start leading your business like a legend. 

How to Foster Deeper Connections as a Solopreneur

How to Foster Deeper Connections as a Solopreneur

How to Foster Deeper Connections as a Solopreneur

How to Foster Deeper Connections as a Solopreneur

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