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41. Faith-Based Entrepreneurship + Finding Focus with Brian Sooy


Do you want to leave a legacy through your business?

We all have a lot of opinions and beliefs on how to do it. There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities that make us feel torn to choose the right one. How do we filter out which way suits us better? 

In this episode, we’re joined by Brian Sooy who has been a faith-based entrepreneur for over 40 years. Brian Sooy has mastered being able to discern what is the correct way for him to run his business. His career began in 1984, the year the Apple Computer debuted. 

A decade later, he founded Aespire, a branding and marketing agency that helps people build relational brands that bridge the gap between business strategy and what consumers expect. And he is here to help guide us in becoming our better, authentic selves as we aim to leave our legacy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is discernment?
  • How to embrace discernment.
  • How to build a business that is in alignment with you and your authentic goals.

This is all about discernment and finding your real path in business. Everything in your life is allowed by the choices you make. You either made those choices consciously or unconsciously. So by tapping into discernment, you can make better conscious choices for your business. Take notes because you are going to hear from one of the brilliant minds in the industry.

Here’s a sneak peek inside this episode:

[5:49] Who is Brian Sooy and how did he start his business?

[7:05] The ups and downs in business.

[11:41] What it means to live a grateful life.

[12:15] How to reconcile being in marketing and serving God.

[18:03] Own your brand category and know your customers.

[19:06] Define what scaling looks like for you.

[21:14] Define and see what the future should be.

[25:37] Think from other people’s perspectives.

[32:33]  Possibilities can become obstacles disguised as opportunities.

[34:26] You need to focus on your potential.

[39:35] Possibilities to eliminate to focus on life-changing opportunities.

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Guest’s Bio:

Brian Sooy is the president of Aespire. Aespire aims to help people in their branding strategy and business. He is a certified Brand Strategist and StoryBrand guide. He is also a top marketing influencer and a top marketing coach.

Where to find more of Brian:

Brian’s Instagram: @briansooy

Brian’s Twitter: Brian Sooy

Aespire Website:

41. Faith-Based Entrepreneurship + Finding Focus with Brian Sooy

41. Faith-Based Entrepreneurship + Finding Focus with Brian Sooy

41. Faith-Based Entrepreneurship + Finding Focus with Brian Sooy

41. Faith-Based Entrepreneurship + Finding Focus with Brian Sooy

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