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4 Ways to Grow Your Intuition and Learn to Trust It

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As an entrepreneur, you have relied on your intuition to take risks and manifest your business. You’ve also depended on yourself to make executive decisions and grow your client base. But developing a successful empire requires more than taking risks. In order to thrive, you need to tap into your intuition.

Intuition is your inner wisdom that knows what you need to accomplish to reach your goals. Think of it as a gut feeling that acts as a compass on your path to success. It drives your confidence and keeps you on track, even when progress feels slow.

Unfortunately, most people have silenced their intuition for years. Despite our intuition telling us to go against the grain, we have a tendency to ignore our inner voice and blend into the crowd instead. And the truth is, sometimes it feels easier to fit in than to live as your most authentic self.

But when you silence your intuition, you lose insight into who you are as a person and an empire-builder. You feel lost in your business because you’re trying to do what everyone else has done. This holds you back from making a true difference – which is exactly what we don’t want. You are unique and deserve to own it!

Luckily, you can teach your intuition to raise its hand and speak up again. All you have to do is put her on stage and give her a mic. Here are four ways to grow and trust your intuition.

Perform Regular Body Scans

When was the last time you checked in on yourself? As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in your work and neglect self care. That’s why it’s essential to perform regular body scans and identify any misalignment with your energy.

Body scans allow you to check in with yourself on an energetic level, so you can identify blockages and address barriers. Our bodies are vessels for our energy, and the sooner we get aligned with our center, the sooner we can get back on track with our business.

Begin your body scan by finding a quiet space, sitting by yourself, and closing your eyes. Next, focus your attention on your third eye, located at the top of your head. Take a moment to assess how it feels there. Do you feel tightness and tension, or are you relaxed?

From the top of your head, slowly shift your attention down your body. Are you noticing any discomfort in your shoulders, soreness in your back, or tightness in your legs? Maybe you’re uncomfortable from last night’s sleep, or perhaps your stomach is uneasy from a stressful conversation. Make a mental note of how you feel and where your biggest pain points lie.

The purpose of a body scan is to reconnect with your cells, muscles, bones, and energy. When you check in with your body and energy, you can release tension and stressors that act as obstacles to your intuition. Allow yourself to reconnect and tap into your inner wisdom.

Practice Guided Meditations

After performing a body scan, try practicing a guided meditation. Meditation is powerful, but takes regular practice in order to improve.

So if you’ve attempted meditation before without success, that’s okay! Most people try it out a few times and give up because it’s too challenging. However, meditation is one of the best things you can do to tap into and listen to your intuition. When the world becomes too loud, you can use meditation to silence it and turn up the volume on your inner wisdom.

Guided meditation is beneficial for people of all experience levels, especially beginners. It keeps your mind focused on the present and allows you to dig deep into your intuition. Whether you meditate for five minutes or an entire hour, it’s essential to give yourself time to decompress and turn inward.

Before starting your meditation:

  1. Find a quiet space in your home, light a candle, and get comfortable.
  2. Feel free to sit cross-legged or lay on your back.
  3. Then, turn on a guided meditation. If you haven’t selected one yet, try this one from The Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast.

Close your eyes and allow your mind to flow freely. Be prepared to let go of all stressors, listen, and be present. When you let go, you can experience the simplicity and beauty of the here and now.

Try Free-Form Journaling

Thoughts are constantly flooding our minds, and most times, they fill our heads faster than we can process them. With so much going on up there, it’s surprising we can get anything done! However, endless thoughts without a release can leave us feeling overwhelmed and scattered.

Journaling is the perfect exercise for decluttering your mental space. It’s an opportunity to transfer your thoughts from brain to paper, so you can process everything with clarity and finally hear your intuition loud and clear.

Free-form journaling allows you to write your stream of thoughts as they come to you. Don’t worry about writing nicely or following grammar rules. This is not a Pinterest-worthy bullet journal! It’s about expressing everything clouding your mind – even if it doesn’t make sense.

The beauty of free-form journaling is that it allows you to express yourself in a way that’s tangible and liberating. Whether you’re tackling an uncomfortable experience, business concerns, new plans, or goals you want to achieve, write it all down.

Start by grabbing a journal and pen, and begin writing. Let your mind guide your hand, and if a thought is interrupted, that’s okay. You don’t have to finish writing every word to get the idea out. Instead, surrender and allow your mind to carry you to the next thought. It’s all about going with the flow.

Reflect on Your Vision Statement

Your intuition cultivates authenticity for your business, so spend time revisiting your vision statement. Consider how you present your brand and what kind of empire you want to build. If you don’t have a vision statement, get ready to create one.

As you brainstorm, think about what you want to be known for, the problems you can solve, and how you can solve those problems unlike anyone else. Remember, you are a unique empire-builder that’s worthy of praise. There’s no one like you!

Grab your journal and write your ideas down. It’s not enough to think about authenticity and what you want to be known for – you have to record it. Having a visual of your statement will set the foundation for your business.

If you feel stuck, remember nothing is permanent. It’s okay if your vision statement changes over time. You’re constantly evolving as an entrepreneur, so be open to developing your statement in the future.

Next, create a statement about your company’s overall direction. Allow your intuition to drive your message. As you write about your business’ path, consider if it aligns with what you’re currently doing, as well as the clients you’re serving.

Once you have a clear idea of where you want to go, use the following format to write your vision statement: We will [motivation] in [timeframe] by [services] because [benefit to clients].

For this exercise, you can use input-based goals to gain clarity on where you want to take your empire. Input-based goals are intentions focused on the work you need to do to achieve your goals. For instance, if your company’s long-term goal is to make six figures, your input-based goals may be to invest, increase your service rates, and book higher-paying clients.

Creating a vision statement and outlining your business’ direction is crucial for growth. Take your time with this exercise and trust your intuition to guide you. Your inner wisdom may bring new ideas to the forefront.

Have Confidence In Your Intuition

Your intuition has been with you since day one. Although it may take time to trust it, having confidence in your inner wisdom will open the door for authenticity in all avenues of your life.

Once you trust your intuition, you will notice how easy it is to go through each day. Barriers will fade, and your most genuine self will shine. You’ll make confident business decisions and set clear boundaries to protect your energy.

In addition, you’ll gain clarity for your future and rediscover your passion for your work. You are already on your way to turning inward and listening to yourself. All it takes is a little intention and remembering to check in with yourself.

If you want to to get to the bottom of your energy blockages, take my quiz to see what’s standing in the way of you and your full potential. Still feeling stuck? Schedule a call with me today for help realigning with your intuition.

It’s time to hear what your inner wisdom has to say!

4 Ways to Grow Your Intuition and Learn to Trust It

4 Ways to Grow Your Intuition and Learn to Trust It

4 Ways to Grow Your Intuition and Learn to Trust It

4 Ways to Grow Your Intuition and Learn to Trust It

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