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BioEnergetics Overview and What Alignment Can Mean for Your Business

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If you’re new to BioEnergetics, you might be wondering what exactly all the fuss is about. Can it actually help you? Is it research-based and factual? Will it impact both your life and business?

The answer to all is a resounding yes. When studied correctly, BioEnergetics is an incredible way for entrepreneurs like yourself to feel energized, with a new zest for life and a concrete plan of action.

So, what exactly is BioEnergetics?

BioEnergetics is defined as the study of the transformation of energy in living organisms. What does this actually mean? It means that through science-backed research, trained professionals can discover how energy is exchanged throughout your body.

You’re more than cells and tiny little atoms. You have energy flowing through your body every minute of every day. And this energy can have a tremendous impact on your overall well-being.

BioEnergetics can help you understand where you’re blocked physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. You should be working with this energy, rather than against it. Aligning what you do with what you need will allow you to discover the flow and abundance you need to thrive in business and in life.

How it Works

For those looking to get to the root causes of their problems, BioEnergetics is an incredibly insightful area of focus. To start, a certified, trained professional (like me!) conducts a simple bioenergetic scan to read the energetic messages your mind, body, and spirit are emitting.

This scan will reveal a wealth of information about where you are misaligned. Whether it’s needing to exercise more, spend time outside the office, or practice saying “no” more often, your energy will indicate which areas need a little extra TLC.

Surprised that one scan can reveal so much? Know that it’s all rooted in the science of energy. Just like we can hear radio waves that are invisible to the eye, we also emit wavelengths that can be picked up by devices that are tuned into that level.

Why it Matters

So, what’s the big deal? Why does it matter if our energy levels are “off”?

The answer is simple: By discovering which areas of our mind, body, and spirit need attention, we can unblock our energy and unleash abundance. And we can do so before the burnout monster truly takes over.

If you’re already struggling with burnout and find you’re lacking motivation each day, BioEnergetics will help you discover which specific areas you need to address to find alignment again.

Though BioEnergetics is beneficial to all, entrepreneurs in particular find this area to be particularly vital, due to the constant balancing act of both their personal and professional responsibilities. Most entrepreneurs have a full plate 24/7 – between client work, caring for your home, nurturing your relationships, and taking care of yourself, you might be having a hard time staying on top of it all.

Luckily, when your energy is balanced, you won’t need to work yourself into the ground to find success. You can enjoy your work and still meet your goals.

Here’s the truth: Your energy and your business’s energy are inextricably linked. One can’t succeed without the other. So, if your energy is blocked, your entire life will feel out of whack, business included. Energy and information control everything around you and in you.

Though we may try to compartmentalize our business and personal lives, this over-practiced technique will simply leave us burned out and broke. Your energy flow affects your cash flow. So let’s make sure everything is aligned.

Remember this: When you take care of yourself, you are taking care of your business.


If you’re new to the BioEnergetics world, you might be wondering how misalignment looks and feels. You think you’re struggling with burnout, but what’s really going on?

In my BioEnergetic Business Coaching program, we discuss the seven Abundance Keys that will allow you to unlock your best life. When any of these seven keys are misaligned, it can lead to that all-consuming burnout, doubt, and frustration.

Entrepreneurs whose energy is misaligned struggle with a variety of different problems.

They lack trust in themselves, feeling apprehensive about the important decisions they’re making. They don’t receive the support they need to thrive as they’re fearful about what might happen.

These business owners may lack compassion as well, being quick to make rash decisions that aren’t actually good for their business. They’re irritable and impatient, and often aren’t assertive enough to take the lead and ask for what they truly need.

On top of that, misaligned entrepreneurs may also have too little willpower. This leads to them becoming easily distracted and led off of their path. Their self-esteem begins to spiral downward as they don’t believe in their ability to transform. They second-guess themselves and don’t have the energy to be their best self.

An imbalance can influence feelings of gratitude as well. They may struggle to make real connections with others and feel uncomfortable when people are warm towards them. They don’t have a reliable network and are often too easily swayed, taking the advice of “gurus” simply because they like their personality.

If this misalignment continues, these entrepreneurs will lose sight of the most important asset of their business: themselves. These people hide their truth and simply try to please others, avoiding honest communication. They second-guess themselves and aren’t true to their wants and needs.

All of these imbalances lead to feeling frazzled and out of touch with their intuition, a struggle many femmepreneurs face. This can lead to feeling uncomfortable or as though they’re unable to get what they want. They may even become a killjoy, as their mindset is often so negative.

Finally, when entrepreneurs don’t prioritize their energy flow, they may have a hard time receiving love from others. They feel taken advantage of and scared to connect with those around them. They have a hard time both giving and receiving love.

Misaligned entrepreneurs won’t experience ROI and won’t make the impact they’re hoping to create. Instead, they remain stuck and unable to take their business to the next level.

Sound familiar? If you’re having a hard time with any of these areas, BioEnergetics will provide you with the insights you need to get your mojo back again.

Now that you understand what misalignment looks like, it’s important to note what alignment can look like for a business owner.


When an entrepreneur’s energy is aligned, they experience a multitude of benefits, allowing them to build their dream empire and leave a legacy behind.

Aligned business owners take all of the opportunities the universe presents to them. They trust themselves and tune into their intuition on a daily basis.

They’re compassionate and have an even temperament that helps them keep their cool when life throws challenges their way. They’re not overly sensitive and they can creatively meet their business goals.

These entrepreneurs also have a strong willpower to move clearly towards their goals and are undeterred by life’s challenges. They are unstoppable and can easily break through to the next level.

In addition, they’re able to make real connections with others and broaden their network. They experience gratitude and emotional freedom, allowing them to build authentic relationships. They connect with clients they love regularly.

This alignment also helps them remain true to themselves and others, embracing honest communication. They bring their whole self to their business and are amazed at all that they can create.

Naturally, this establishes a positive outlook on life. They use their intuition to remain in complete alignment with themselves and are optimistic due to having their eyes on the bigger picture.

And finally, they do what’s right for both themselves and others out of love. They go above and beyond when it comes to their clients and experience an increase in not only their energy, but in their profits as well.

Taking the Next Step

Chances are, this is exactly how you want to be feeling as an entrepreneur. When you combine your energy with business savvy, you can build a long-lasting empire. With BioEnergetics, you can gain a sense of clarity and leave behind the imposter syndrome.

The differences between alignment and misalignment are striking, and BioEnergetic Business Coaching can help you jump off the struggle bus and rediscover your flow. I would love to help you flourish in both business and life.

As a Bioenergetic Business Coach, I work with womxn entrepreneurs at all stages of burnout. If you’re thinking along the lines of “I’m not sure I can handle all of this” or even “I cannot do this anymore,” I’ll sit down and help you discover the areas that can help lift you out of your rut.

It’s time to stop searching for superficial solutions and instead address the root cause of your issues. Together, we’ll draw connections and break ties with beliefs, paradigms, and misinformation that no longer serve you.

Looking to dive even deeper into BioEnergetics? Take my free quiz, Unblock Your Energy & Unleash Abundance: What’s stopping you from building a business and life you love? and follow the realignment recommendations at the end.

BioEnergetics Overview and What Alignment Can Mean for Your Business

BioEnergetics Overview and What Alignment Can Mean for Your Business

BioEnergetics Overview and What Alignment Can Mean for Your Business

BioEnergetics Overview and What Alignment Can Mean for Your Business

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