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The Growth Guide

Actionable marketing tips to help empire-building entrepreneurs growth businesses they love

Building Willpower and Self-Esteem to Energize Your Life and Business

Growth Guide

Being an entrepreneur is such a rewarding lifestyle and career. You can already see that in the experiences, opportunities, and relationships that you’ve built! But entrepreneurship is not all glamour and gold. There’s a lot that goes into it, like self-confidence, motivation to accomplish your goals, and endurance.

Entrepreneurs naturally want to create, grow, and thrive. But it’s challenging to do any of that when your energy is blocked!

Willpower and Self-Esteem are NECESSARY stepping stones to knowing you can accomplish your goals and taking action in your business and life. Getting realigned with Willpower and Self-Esteem is exactly what you need to grow in all aspects of your life.

If you’re feeling stuck, burnt out, or suffer from low self-esteem, now is the time to make a shift for the better. You CAN do this! All it takes is acknowledgment, turning inward, and taking action.

The third Abundance Key is Willpower and Self-Esteem, fueling your motivation and purpose. When you become realigned with Willpower and Self-Esteem, you will transform into an unstoppable entrepreneur!

What are the Abundance Keys

The 7 Abundance Keys are a set of energy centers in your body (much like chakras).

  • Trust
  • Compassion and creativity
  • Willpower and self-esteem
  • Gratitude and charisma
  • Honest communication
  • Focus and intuition
  • Love and connection

You know the feeling you get when you’re on the brink of getting sick? Like you’re not 100% yourself? When any of the Abundance Keys get out of whack, it’s the same feeling! Imbalanced energy centers lead to poor performance in your business and personal life, which we need to fix.

Let’s jump into Willpower and Self-Esteem…

Willpower and Self-Esteem

Willpower allows you to control your actions and emotions. As an entrepreneur, taking action is essential when establishing a business that will grow. You need initiative, self-motivation, and the drive to lead you to where you want to go. So, having your willpower in balance is a MUST.

Self-esteem gives you confidence in your abilities and your worth. Your self-esteem and confidence are foundational pillars for your business. If you’re not confident in yourself or your business, you cannot thrive.

When your willpower is in alignment, you will make all of the transformations that you desire. In both your business and your personal life, you will find clarity in your goals and feel motivated to take action towards your ambitions. With willpower energy, you can tackle any challenges without hesitation.

As you begin your journey restoring your Willpower and Self-Esteem energy, let go of any past failures or the need to be perfect. These are obstacles standing in your way from being your true authentic self. When you present your truest self to the world, doors and opportunities will open for you. The best part is that you will feel centered and free from negativity!

Start the process of healing by recognizing the signs of misalignment.

How to know when your Willpower energy is off

Being an entrepreneur requires willpower and the drive to get things done. If you have very little willpower, you may be easily distracted and lose your sense of direction. This can result in getting sidetracked and struggling to grow your business. That’s not what we want!

When you lack willpower, you won’t have confidence in your ability to bring your dreams to life. You may experience a gap between your intentions and the belief in achieving your goals. Entrepreneurs create, build, and transform. If you don’t believe in your ability to create a thriving business, then you will not succeed.

On the other hand, you may be experiencing the exact opposite: having too much willpower. Believe it or not, that can cause issues too! When you have too much willpower, you may find yourself so fixated on your goals that you neglect the other areas of your life. Realigning your Willpower energy will allow you to balance your attention more equally and prevent unnecessary burnout.

In most cases, entrepreneurs begin their business with a lot of willpower, excitement, and optimism. But as your business begins to grow, your willpower can go into overdrive, leaving you completely exhausted and questioning yourself. Definitely not the boss entrepreneur vibes that we want!

Other signs of misalignment with Willpower and Self-Esteem include codependency, difficulty making decisions, burnout, control issues, anger issues, self-centered tendencies, and low self-esteem. Misalignment can also affect your physical health by gaining weight quickly, slowing your metabolism, and suffering from sluggish digestion.

If you’re experiencing any of the previous red flags, you can see how misalignment in your Willpower and Self-Esteem energy negatively affects your life and business. But it doesn’t have to continue this way. You have the POWER to achieve alignment in your Willpower and Self-Esteem.

Realigning Yourself with Willpower and Self-Esteem

One of the best ways to promote productivity is by taking breaks. Entrepreneurs tend to work themselves to the bone and, as a result, use up their entire supply of energy. You can’t be a boss entrepreneur while feeling completely spent, so take a dance break!

Get up from your desk, crank your music up, and move it. To make progress in your business and your life, you have to move. Consider this dance break a metaphor for putting one foot forward. You are making strides toward new opportunities, which you cannot do if you’re immobile.

Dancing helps your energy flow, and it’s a reminder that you can’t solve problems if you don’t move. So don’t worry if you’re not the world’s best dancer. We don’t judge here! Because as entrepreneurs, we’re all dancing our way to the top.

Let’s jump in with some love for our self-esteem. Entrepreneurs get weighed down by struggles, exhaustion, and past failures. Rather than harping on toxic emotions, take 15 minutes to remind yourself that you ARE a badass! Yes, you!

When you’re constantly making strides for perfection, you miss out on your accomplishments along the way. So grab your notebook and take a moment to highlight all of your wins from the last six months. Some examples may be “Surpassing your sales goals” or “Building your social media presence.”

Whatever goals you’ve crushed, write them out and read them several times. Then, keep that list nearby so you can remind yourself how badass you really are. It’s time to go beyond thinking you’re awesome to knowing you’re awesome.

If you’re looking for a concrete method to balance your Willpower energy, create a WOOP strategy. This is a proactive method that assists you in discovering and fulfilling your wishes, adjusting your habits, and setting your preferences.

WOOP stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan. Your wish is your goal or objective. When you pinpoint and specify the direction you want to go, you establish the foundation for your plan. For instance, you can select a wish you have for your business, like implementing a solid marketing campaign.

Next up is the outcome. This is the best and highest outcome that results from your wish. For example, maybe your marketing campaign grows way beyond your sales goals, and you gain some new loyal customers. Sounds good to me!

The obstacle is the barrier that stands in you or your business’ way. Think about what could stop you from thriving as an entrepreneur or what issues your business could face in the long run. It may not feel positive to think about obstacles, but it allows you to be proactive in your approach to reaching your goals.

Finally, it’s time to make a plan! Determine a strategy that will help you and your business move forward when those barriers appear. Let those obstacles know that this entrepreneur doesn’t play around.

Let’s dig a little deeper with a system that’ll kickstart your Willpower energy and your business. When creating a plan to hook new customers, most entrepreneurs don’t have a strategy. Instead, they depend on word of mouth, luck, or strong-arm sales. Unfortunately, all of these routes are not only exhausting but unsustainable!

Use your savvy business skills to create a system that automatically lands leads and saves your energy for other essential ventures. The strategy I want to share with you is called the Marketing Funnel Core. While there are plenty of marketing funnel tactics, we will start with attraction, conversion, and closing.

Start by considering what you can do to attract new clients. For example, you could use Google and social media ads, write guest blog posts, speak on guest podcasts for publicity, network, or utilize SEO. The beauty here is that there are endless methods you can use to attract leads!

Next up, how will you convert strangers into leads? Consider posting thoughtful and consistent content on social media, which helps build your social media presence. Or, you can retarget ads and optimize your email marketing with lead magnets. My little secret: Quizzes are the most effective opt-ins!

Once you’ve developed a plan for conversion, you will want to close the deal. Do this by creating landing pages, developing a clear introduction call and sales process, generating a solid proposal template that features your business’ benefits, and developing a clear call to action.

By committing to these tactics, you align yourself with your business goals. Don’t forget to mark down your starting date, which will help you get the ball rolling.

Signs Your Willpower and Self-Esteem are Realigned

When your Willpower and Self-Esteem energy is in balance, you will feel like an absolute boss! You will confidently move towards your goals, execute the transformations that you desire, and be ready to take on any obstacles that come your way.

Other significant indicators of realignment are:

  • Self-motivation;
  • Revitalized energy for your life;
  • Spontaneity;
  • A clear sense of purpose;
  • Effectively performing business plans; and
  • Feeling self-assured.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t run your business or your life effectively when your energy is blocked or completely drained. These tools are designed to support you as you heal and rebuild for your best self. But don’t feel like you have to take these steps alone!

If you are looking for guidance to get in touch with your heart’s purpose, book BioEnergetic Business Coaching today:

Building Willpower and Self-Esteem to Energize Your Life and Business

Building Willpower and Self-Esteem to Energize Your Life and Business

Building Willpower and Self-Esteem to Energize Your Life and Business

Building Willpower and Self-Esteem to Energize Your Life and Business

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