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The Growth Guide

Actionable marketing tips to help empire-building entrepreneurs growth businesses they love

How Compassion and Creativity Can Propel You to Success

Growth Guide

You know that creativity, growth, and hard work are big parts of being an entrepreneur. It is incredible how many hats you can wear, from administration and product design to sales. But, while the world of business is vast, it’s also time and energy-consuming. Am I right?

It’s easy to get lost in the work, feel exhausted, and run out of energy. Beyond that, you probably have a list of goals — but, when you’re too busy trying to accomplish those goals, you can quickly lose sight of the progression that you’ve made. This can ultimately lead to burnout, and we don’t want that!

You should be thriving, not struggling.

Compassion and Creativity are integral to your energy center. Without compassion, you end up being too hard on yourself and compromising your creativity. You are a creative business owner and you should feel great about it every step of the way!

When you use the tools of compassion, creativity, and emotional identity, you invite fluidity and grace into your life. No entrepreneur wants to remain stagnant, toiling away at unachievable goals. Instead, your life and business should naturally grow and flourish.

The best part? YOU can make that happen!

As you embark on finding your heart’s purpose, take a break and allow yourself to create a road less traveled. You’ve heard all the tips from the gurus, but now it’s time for you to use your inner wisdom to build an empire that fits your vision.

If you’ve experienced depression, fear, or barriers to your creativity, it’s time to make the switch to a healthier and more vibrant you. Take this opportunity to develop your compassion, tranquility, creativity, and joy — that’s the energy you want to exude!

The second Abundance Key is Compassion and Creativity and is vital for renewal, happiness, and originality in your personal life and business.

What are the Abundance Keys?

The 7 Abundance Keys are a set of energy centers in your body:

  • Trust
  • Compassion and creativity
  • Willpower and self-esteem
  • Gratitude and charisma
  • Honest communication
  • Focus and intuition
  • Love and connection

As you can imagine, if any one of these energy centers is misaligned, you could feel burnt out, unmotivated, and struggle to maintain relationships.

Let’s explore what Compassion and Creativity can do for you!

Compassion and Creativity

Compassion allows you to be loving, respectful, and kind to yourself. Yes, it’s essential to be objective, work hard, and be productive. But productivity in your business needs to be balanced with self-respect and kindness. I’m cheering you on — join me in celebrating yourself!

When you create a loving environment, you foster a space of abundance, creativity, and innovation. By welcoming these healthy emotions, you’re telling yourself, “I am enough. I am worthy.” These are the types of messages you should implement every day!

As you create a healthier environment for yourself, your creativity WILL blossom. Cleansing your Compassion and Creativity energy will allow you to love yourself again. Your self-love will naturally spill over into your personal life, your business, and your products. Simply put:

Loving Yourself = Successful Entrepreneur

Before you find realignment in your Compassion and Creativity energy, you have to pinpoint what’s causing misalignment and nip it in the bud. Let’s explore the red flags that may be blocking your Compassion and Creativity energy!

Signs of Misalignment with Compassion and Creativity

When you’re misaligned in your Compassion and Creativity energy, you have no compassion for yourself, resulting in constant feelings of irritation and lack of patience with yourself. Patience is a valuable skill to have, especially as an entrepreneur! When you lack patience, you cultivate a toxic environment for yourself and those around you.

Irritation and resentment carry over into relationships with teammates, family members, and friends. When you’re intolerant of those around you, you are likely to blow up at them and make irrational decisions that could negatively impact you, your business, and your personal life. Obviously, that is not in your best interest!

On the other hand, if you have too much Compassion, you might as well be a welcome mat for everyone to walk over. As a result, you may struggle to be assertive when you need to be and you will ultimately lose passion for your daily work tasks. When this occurs, your self-esteem and enthusiasm plummet.

Other signs that indicate misalignment in Compassion and Creativity are depression, irritability, judgment of yourself and others, and addiction. In addition, you may feel afraid of change, creatively deprived, and lacking the inspiration to be a boss entrepreneur.

Physically, you may suffer from pain in your abdomen, sexual organs, or lower back, as well as feeling an unfulfilled desire and sexual dysfunction.

If you’ve been able to relate to any of the misalignment triggers, then it’s time to move from acknowledgment to action. You are not only a strong entrepreneur — you are a determined boss babe who makes things happen!

Let’s look at how you can get your Compassion and Creativity back in balance.

How to Realign Your Compassion and Creative Energy

Entrepreneurs tend to be perfectionists. Of course, you want everything to run smoothly and according to plan in your business. But remember that perfection is not required to attain success! When you remove judgment of yourself and others, you are opening the door to your creative potential.

You can welcome creativity by seeking outsight rather than relying inwardly on all the answers. It’s easy to get stuck creatively when we’re only looking at the world from our point of view. When you’re only focused on seeing the world through your eyes, you may lead your business astray. Instead, try new perspectives that support and promote your growth.

It’s time to clear your energy blockages out. Start by breaking away from trauma, resentment, and guilt. When you cut these toxic emotions out, you can unleash an abundance of ideas for your life and business.

Here are some methods to clear your energy:

  • Use palo santo, green, or blue sage to cleanse yourself and your home.
  • Enjoy a bath with Epsom salt. If you don’t have a bath, no worries! You can rub Epsom salt on your body and rinse it off in the shower.
  • As you go through your day, take your right hand and place it on your forehead, saying, “Clear, disengage, and disconnect through the Light, for the highest good.” This is a powerful phrase that removes negativity from your intentions and brings comfort to your energy field.

Another great exercise to gain realignment with Compassion and Creativity is free-form writing. (Don’t worry about being a great writer here!)

The point of free-form writing is to give your subconscious a voice by clearing the burdens that are stopping you from being a fantastic entrepreneur. Allow your inner self to speak up and share your ideas on the paper.

Before you begin:

  1. Create an intention to clear compassion and creativity blocks.
  2. Create a safe space for yourself and your calendar.
  3. Light a candle, find a pen or a pencil, and paper. You will not be keeping this paper after you’re done, so make sure not to use your journal for this exercise.

Now, allow a thought to enter your mind and immediately transfer it to your paper. Since thoughts move quickly, you may not finish a sentence before the next idea arrives. That’s completely okay! You know what your subconscious is trying to say, and that’s what matters.

When you finish, don’t read the paper. Instead, take this opportunity to let go of the shackles that have been blocking your creativity. Rip it up, burn it, and be free of the energy barriers.

Okay, creative entrepreneur! Now that you’ve cleared the toxic barriers, schedule a brainstorming session and let your creative side run wild. You don’t have to rush into a brainstorming session, but do mark it down in your calendar. This session will provide you an opportunity to revisit your goals and consider unique ways to achieve them.

Try something new instead of relying on overused strategies. Find inspiration in creating innovative solutions for your clients’ challenges.

The last exercise to realign your Compassion and Creativity is to spend time with your inner child. As adults, we’ve gotten in the habit of being productive every moment of the day. So switch it up by allowing yourself to go outside and play! I’m not talking about getting your steps in or going for a run.

I mean, play volleyball at the beach or have fun with your friends at the park. Allow yourself to actively engage in life for the sole purpose of having fun! We can all use breaks to recharge. So let this be your time to re-energize and become your best entrepreneur self.

As you recenter your energy, state the following mantra:

I am balanced, joyful, and creative.

How to know when you’re realigned in Compassion and Creativity

When you’re aligned in Compassion and Creative energy, you will no longer feel overly sensitive to the people around you or constantly scrutinize their motivations and behaviors. Your compassion will allow you to cope with daily challenges in a composed manner, and your creativity will assist you in meeting operational challenges, sales goals, and business growth.

When you’re in alignment, you will:

  • Feel pleasure for the small moments
  • Gain a sense of connection in all aspects of your life
  • Tap into your creative process easily
  • Be sexually fulfilled
  • Experience wellness and joy
  • Maintain compassion and patience for yourself and others.

As an entrepreneur, achieving realignment in Compassion and Creativity is essential for your wellbeing, mental health, business, creative process, and self-fulfillment. Although you may be overwhelmed with the process of aligning yourself with the Abundance Keys to success, I can assure you that you are not walking this road alone!

For guidance on your journey to fulfilling your heart’s purpose, schedule a call with me today!

How Compassion and Creativity Can Propel You to Success

How Compassion and Creativity Can Propel You to Success

How Compassion and Creativity Can Propel You to Success

How Compassion and Creativity Can Propel You to Success

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