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How to Be Your Own Accountability Partner

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Accountability is all about taking responsibility for your actions. As an entrepreneur, you need accountability to grow and provide direction for your goals. Without it, you’ll aimlessly wander through life and business – never accomplishing the intentions that inspired you to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Think of it as going on a journey without any sort of navigation system. You’ll get lost!

If you want a thriving business, your success and growth are up to you. Taking accountability for your actions may feel daunting, but it’s only going to allow you to meet your goals. All you need to do is take your power back!

One way you can stay accountable is by having an accountability partner. This is someone who keeps you motivated and is there to support you as you work towards your goals. However, choosing an accountability partner isn’t as simple as looking to a random friend. It’s about finding the right accountability partner. Otherwise, you can waste time and end up further off-course than when you first started.

If you don’t know how to find an accountability partner, or you don’t feel comfortable inviting someone into your CEO space, that’s okay! You can be your own accountability partner, showing up for yourself and having your own back. Just like a team needs to rely on each other, you need to learn to depend on yourself as well.

Taking accountability doesn’t happen overnight, though. So keep in mind that this is a process that takes time. But, with a determined mindset and intentional actions, you have the power to get back on track and get things done. Breathe, trust yourself, and allow yourself room to grow.

Here are five ways to become your own accountability partner.

Evaluate Your Progress Every Week

When it comes to your business, it’s easy to dedicate all of your time to your clients. After all, they’re what allows your business to thrive. But, it’s healthy and essential for you to check in with yourself and your goals. This will allow you to see your progress and devise new stepping stones to keep you moving towards your intentions.

Set aside time each week to evaluate your progress. Consider this as a strategic business meeting. This is time for you and you only, so grab your AirPods, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, and turn on your favorite abundance-manifesting playlist.

This is your CEO time, an opportunity to review your development and cultivate ideas for your next chapter, so make sure to remove all distractions from your space. This way, you’ll have no trouble getting in the zone. Your meeting is crucial and should never be rushed. It takes about 20 minutes for our brains to focus and flow, so set aside at least an hour for self-reflection.

Fridays are an excellent day for your CEO time as you can review the past week’s accomplishments and set your intentions for the upcoming week. This is the perfect opportunity for you to celebrate any wins — big or small. As your own accountability partner, keeping your optimism and confidence up is a must! You deserve recognition for kicking some serious butt.

Create a Space That Flows

Inspiration doesn’t come easy when you’re surrounded by clutter. Your environment affects you and your mindset. Remember: Physical clutter only adds to your mental clutter. The more disorganized your workspace, the harder it is to feel accountable and gain control of your circumstances. Luckily, you can change that!

Clean your office space and be ready to welcome creativity. When you have a

clean space, you can focus on the things that matter. If you don’t know where to begin, remove any unnecessary items from your desk like mail, bills, or unrelated client projects. The idea is to reduce mental clutter as much as possible so you can stay focused on the direction you’re headed.

Once you have an organized space, fill it with items that motivate you. For example, you can use inspirational quotes, pictures of friends and family, vision boards, or crystals. Surrounding yourself with inspiration will allow your ideas to flow.

If you don’t have access to your own space, search for another location for your self-accountability meetings. For instance, you can go to your local coffee shop or rent a private room at the library. Wherever you go, make sure it’s a safe place where you can allow your mind to roam freely.

Post Your Goals in Plain Sight

You know that idea of out of sight, out of mind? Sometimes that happens with goals, especially when we leave them as mental notes in our brains. You’re a busy empire-builder, so it’s crucial not only to write down your goals but remind yourself of them daily.

Setting goals is easy, but staying true to them isn’t always a walk in the park. Write down your intentions on a post-it note or whiteboard near your workspace, so you can always remember what you’re working towards. You can place your goals on your laptop, bulletin board, vision board, calendar, planner, or even the mirror in your bathroom. The idea is to place them somewhere you’ll see on a day-to-day basis.

Putting your goals in plain sight keeps you on track with what you want to accomplish. And if your goals change, that’s okay. Make sure you alter your post-it note to reflect where you are in the present. For example, if your initial goal was to gain more clients, but you’re currently at your limit, you may adjust to a goal that’s more sustainable.

Rewrite your new goal and repeat the process.

Adopt an Inspirational Mantra

A little self-coaching goes a long way. Think of yourself as a cheerleader, encouraging yourself on your journey to success. We all need positive reminders of our capabilities. Pick an affirmation or two that motivates you to keep moving forward.

Here are a few ideas:

  • “I am capable and well-equipped to achieve my goals.”
  • “I deserve to accomplish great things.”
  • “Making mistakes is okay, but giving up is not.”
  • “I’m an empire-builder. I can achieve anything I set out for myself.”

Once you’ve chosen an affirmation, repeat it to yourself several times a day, as well as anytime you start questioning yourself. Our minds automatically jump to negative thoughts, so it’s up to us to counteract that negativity. Mantras are powerful reminders that you’re a boss, and you’re slaying it.

Starting your day with affirmations will allow you to feel grounded and confident. Nothing will stand in your way. Know that you can switch up your affirmations to reflect new ideas and how you’re feeling as well. It’s time to welcome all of the positive vibes!

Progress Is a Journey

It can be frustrating when the days go by, and you’re only seeing minimal movements towards your goals. I get that. But remember that progress takes time, and it’s not always a linear journey. Things typically don’t happen as quickly as our minds imagine they will.

Don’t let your frustrations demotivate you or get in the way of your self-worth. A great accountability partner will remind you about all of the incredible things you’ve already accomplished. However, if you don’t have an accountability partner, this is an opportunity to acknowledge your self-growth. When you see how far you’ve come, you’ll realize your destination is not as far away as it seems.

Real talk: Sometimes, we get so focused on planning for the future that we forget to recognize everything we’ve done up to this point. So make sure to acknowledge your journey. You can practice this by thinking back to where you were last year and comparing it to the present.

It’s incredible how far you’ve come, even within the last week alone. You are building an abundant empire, and you should be proud of that! Of course, no journey is simple, but that’s what makes being an entrepreneur such an adventure.

When it comes to accountability, you have the power to take ownership of your business and life. Practice these exercises, be gentle with yourself, and give yourself time to learn and grow. If you’re looking for support with your accountability and entrepreneurial journey, schedule a call with me today!

How to Be Your Own Accountability Partner

How to Be Your Own Accountability Partner

How to Be Your Own Accountability Partner

How to Be Your Own Accountability Partner

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