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Actionable marketing tips to help empire-building entrepreneurs growth businesses they love

How To Easily Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

Growth Guide

If you’ve ever had trouble reaching potential customers on social media, it may be a surprisingly easy fix. You see, we are noticed whenever we are direct with each other. The ability to transmit your vision in engaging and relatable ways gets people’s. This is the case for Hollywood, where the unreal is made to seem real, and people love it!

Similar principles relate to creating an image for customers and clients to interact with you through.

The same is also true for social media, and you’ll see it often with big accounts on Instagram, especially. You see a striking image or video that grabs your attention, so you end up clicking on the page. You see that all the posts on the grid follow themes, with similar color palettes, iconography, aesthetics, and words. To the common viewer, this is highly engaging and contributes to high following these accounts gather.

If you have a business, remaining consistent and reliable in content and themes on your social media accounts will help you stand out from the crowd. This goes for all parts of it, from your posts and Stories to your ads and Reels.

Creating Your Image

Of course, you’re probably already doing this in many ways — some, you might not even notice. You want your clients to receive you well and recognize your brand as one of top quality. You want them to enjoy and value the relationship, and you both want to get some work done that makes dreams come true.

When people expect you to perform to a certain standard and you repeatedly do so, more and more leads will find their ways to you. You’ll stand out. You’ll be talked about and shown to others on people’s phones. Freely advertising your services and connecting dots. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

And what will these hypothetical friends be showing each other, having brunch somewhere on a patio? It’ll be your business page, your website, your social profiles — a very visual representation of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. You’re not only getting customers and clients; you’re creating space for potential connections to happen.

Making It Happen

In order to stand out on social media, you’ll have to do some creative work. If you don’t consider yourself creatively-inclined (yet), don’t worry — creativity shows up in many ways that many might not. Our lives are highly creative endeavors. Building a business and living your life your way are both highly distinct and liberating forms of creativity. Let’s celebrate it!

Now, all you have to do is use that creative energy to inspire your online presence. Need to better align your creativity center? I’ve got the tips you need to awaken your inner innovator!

In the Real World: Tasty

Looking for an example of thematic social media content? Look no further than Tasty, a Facebook page that became a media conglomerate. For a period of time, we saw their videos every day. Although those videos are still produced, Tasty has expanded to diversify their portfolio.

When you think about Tasty, you think of the downward camera angle pointing directly at the pot or pan in question. All it took was a few videos for people to begin associating that video style with Tasty! That simple detail was pivotal for getting Tasty to go viral and becoming an online hit.

The overhead view felt personal and engaging. People became hooked and knew exactly what to expect when another Tasty video appeared on their feed. This is a perfect example of effective communication of themes.

When the images you use, the words you write, and the general impressions you create have a certain level of familiarity, it deepens the viewer’s connection. They have a place for you in their head that only you can occupy correctly. Only you and what you’re doing fit it just right. Followers will anticipate your posts relative to what they can reliably expect from your consistent themes.

And that’s just the start of it, right? Tasty also has its specific aesthetic, with that playful and lively font, the quick shots and camera tricks, and the easily digestible format that removed barriers to entry and understanding. They were able to engage especially well with those that aren’t very familiar with cooking as if seen here:

In the Real World: Apple

Another prime example of thematic content is seen in the king of branding: Apple. They’ve created a vast set of images and impressions for themselves. Their advertising is energetic, colorful, and unique. Their products are iterative yet innovative.

With its continuous software updates and improved versions each year, the iPhone itself is the direct representation of using a brand theme to create and meet expectations with ideal customers. The newest iPhone is always similar enough to the previous one, building a hierarchy of wildly successful products that are always better than the last.

iPhones are familiar products with a specific and memorable feeling about how they operate and what it’s like to use. From the ways a finger interacts with the screen to the sleek animation of opening and closing apps, and even the colorful text message conversation bubbles — all of it feeds into a relationship the customer has with the brand based on expectations Apple set for themselves.

What is true for Apple is also true for you: we aren’t just creating mental constructs and scaffolds; we are all creating memories and providing the space for them to happen.

In the Real World: You

Entrepreneurship is an exciting and beautiful thing, but one that can be hard to communicate online. As a business owner, you must recognize the value you provide to your clients — and how it’s unique from the experience with any of your competitors.

You are vital. Your products and services are vital.

Those little things that make your brand one-of-a-kind are your key selling points. The extra attention you give to clients during the onboarding process, the special details infused into your final delivery stage, and everything in between — that is your theme. You just need to bring it to life through visual means.

Now, think of how your increasing familiarity with your own business and its respective industry has allowed you to grow in what you’re able to do with them. In the same way that your habits are like places you always come back to, an increasing familiarity with your brand’s theme becomes something to build upon and evolve alongside your business.

Applying These Principles For Yourself and Your Business

You can apply and employ these principles in almost any aspect of your social media presence. Again, you’ll want consistency — but not just with posts. You need to appear the same across all areas. Your profile photo, your bio, your business description, your stories, your comments — everything. It all feeds into this construction, this platform that you are making for yourself.

Spend some time reviewing how your profile or page or website looks to others. Does your business iconography show up? Are there strong images that are being transmitted? Do the symbols and designs you employ match your brand’s energy? Are your posts recognizable and consistent in both timing and theme?

The whole point is to start making it (whatever it is for you) and keep going with it. It’s not just about sharing news, giving out special offers, or even the simple sharing of motivational posts (we see it all!). It’s about establishing degrees of familiarity by using similar colors and styles and being intentional about how the design behind all your content looks when viewed in a grid and as a whole.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of this is the dance you take with the unexpected. Everything you post shouldn’t look exactly the same. While the background should stay the same, the subject should be unique, engaging, and exciting every time.

So yes, it becomes a sort of dance that, when properly executed, projects the image of your business upward. The mental scaffolding is there, doing the same thing, but what is it allowing to be built? What is emerging from within it? That is where people find you.

How To Easily Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

How To Easily Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

How To Easily Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

How To Easily Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

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