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Turning Your Entrepreneurial Mindset From Victim to Hero

Growth Guide

Building a successful business is all about having the right mindset. Positivity, confidence, and alignment with your energy ground your mental space. However, as an entrepreneur, it’s easy to lose sight of your role as a hero in your story.

Between client expectations, deadlines, and busy schedules, you may forget that you’re the boss of your empire. With a lot on your plate, it’s understandable why your mindset may shift from hero to victim. But, unfortunately, a victim mentality doesn’t serve you or your ever-growing business.

When running a business with a victim mindset, you’re always on edge, waiting for the shoe to drop. You don’t trust yourself, others, or the Universe. Instead, you expect things to go wrong. This toxic belief prevents you from attracting abundance.

In reality, you have more control than you realize. You are the hero in your story, slaying dragons for your clients and helping them thrive. When you shift to a hero mindset, you will be unstoppable as an entrepreneur.

You’ll also regain control over your working circumstances by setting realistic expectations and establishing healthy boundaries for yourself. Rather than piling more responsibilities on your plate, you will structure your business in a way that works best for you and know when to accept or decline new opportunities.

You are the hero of your business, and it’s time for you to step into that role so that you can gain abundance in all aspects of your life. So let’s dive into the hero’s journey and how you can begin transforming your mindset!

Understanding the Hero’s Journey

For centuries, the hero’s journey has been a story that’s lived on in many variations, from Grimm fairy tales to ancient stories like The Odyssey. However, it’s just as present today in TV shows, movies, and modern literature as it was then.

Every story has a hero – someone the audience can root for. Just like those stories, you’re a hero yourself, and it’s time to step into that power.

Although there are different versions of the hero’s journey, it typically has three stages:

  1. Departure: The hero is motivated to take action and prepares for their quest.
  2. Initiation: The hero is confronted by challenges and needs to find a solution.
  3. Return: The hero achieves their goal and returns home with the answers they were seeking.

You may recognize these tropes in stories like Star Wars, Back To The Future, or your favorite Netflix series. But how does this actually relate to your business?

Your brand is your narrative, and you are the hero pursuing a quest for business growth. Your quest may be to grow your team, increase your revenue, or build your client base. Whatever business goals you have, your adventure awaits. So take a deep breath and get ready for your adventure!

Consider that the hero always comes back home with the answers to their questions. Although you may face barriers throughout your journey, like all heroes, you must commit to overcoming those obstacles to achieve your goals. All you need is determination and confidence.

You’ll also want to watch out for villains. You may not encounter Darth Vader or the Joker, but you will experience things that hold you back.

Real talk: Sometimes, we’re the antagonist in our own stories. But now that you’re aware of the presence of villains, here’s what they might look like throughout your journey:

  • Departure: You reject an important call to action. You may do this because you don’t feel ready or believe it’s not worth your time and energy. By refusing to commit to this new opportunity, you put a barrier between you and your business’s future.
  • Initiation: You don’t have the right mentor. Every hero has a guide they look up to, from Luke and Obi-Wan to Marty McFly and Doc Brown. So take a risk and be open to finding the right guide for you and your business.
  • Return: You don’t apply the answers to your questions as you return home. To achieve your goals, you have to take the lessons you learned and apply them to your business. You know what you need to do, but your progress will be stagnant if you don’t implement this new knowledge.

Overcoming your inner villains isn’t easy, but it will allow you to build your dream business. If you’re ready to begin your quest, try the following exercises to shift to the hero mindset you deserve.


Writing is powerful for unlocking your mind, breaking down mental barriers, processing emotions, and harnessing creativity. The beauty of journaling is you don’t have to be a good writer. It’s not about being eloquent or grammatically correct. It’s about expressing yourself and drawing answers to your questions from your inner wisdom.

If you don’t know where to begin, I recommend starting with journal prompts and free-form writing. Journal prompts allow you to focus on a topic with intent and purpose, while free-form writing gives you the flexibility to clear out your mental space. Allow your thoughts to guide your pen and go with the flow.

Here are some journal prompts to get you started:

  • What’s an obstacle I’m facing in my personal life and business? What would my business look like if I removed the obstacle?
  • If I had an abundance of money, what would my life look like? What would I do?
  • What’s something unsaid that I haven’t felt free to express?
  • What do I want my obituary to say about me when I’m gone?

Take time with these prompts and allow yourself to write freely. Remember, this exercise is for you, so don’t hold back. This is your opportunity to confront any issues in your life and let go of what’s standing in your way.

When you make journaling a habit, you process your ideas and put down stepping stones towards your goals. Think of this exercise as putting your plans into action. You’re extracting your ideas to a physical place instead of allowing them to clutter your mind. Now, determine how to make your goals a reality.


Unrealistic expectations can be discouraging and make you feel like you don’t deserve success. When you don’t meet your business goals, you may feel resentful or angry with yourself. But those toxic feelings don’t serve you. It’s time to get rid of the negative vibes, so you can finally become the hero of your business.

If you want a thriving empire, you need to forgive yourself and let go of past grudges. Don’t worry about missed opportunities, times when you weren’t on top of your game, or clients you let down. Put that behind you and move forward. Forgive yourself for being too harsh and saying things you didn’t mean in frustration.

One way you can practice self-forgiveness is through free-form journaling. Grab a pen, a notebook, and start writing. If you don’t know where to begin, think of an instance when you were tough on yourself as an entrepreneur. Then write the phrase, “I forgive myself, and I’m ready to let go.” Use this time to write about anything else that comes to mind.

You can also verbalize your self-forgiveness in the mirror. This is powerful because it allows you to have an honest conversation with yourself. Treat this conversation as though you’re talking with a friend. Be gentle and ready to remove past burdens.

When you practice self-forgiveness, you release pent-up emotions that you’ve carried with you throughout your journey. Once you let go of the baggage, you can finally tune into your inner wisdom and experience true freedom.


As an entrepreneur, you have plenty of experience setting goals to maintain your motivation and get things done. For this exercise, revisit your current goals with an intentional mindset. This is an opportunity to go beyond an idealistic number. Think about the root of each goal and why you want to accomplish it.

Break down your goals by writing out each step you need to take to get to your final destination. This will give you a clear roadmap for your business adventure. Whether you want to book more clients or expand your online presence, actionable steps are what’s going to get you there.

As you go through this exercise, consider each goal and how you’ll feel when you achieve it. Allow yourself to experience each emotion as if it’s happening in the present. Then, record your feelings next to each goal. Dig deep and use powerful words here. For instance, instead of “happiness,” try “stability, abundance, and balance.”

Revisiting your goals with intention will reignite your drive to achieve them. There’s nothing holding you back from being an empire-builder!

When it comes to your hero’s journey, you are closer to success than you realize. You simply need to be intentional and mindful. Not everything will go according to plan. However, you can use each experience as an opportunity to develop your mindset.

If your current mindset is creating a barrier for your hero’s journey, you have the power to change the narrative. Find out what’s hindering you by taking the “Unblock Your Energy & Unleash Abundance” quiz.

Your hero’s journey is just beginning!

Turning Your Entrepreneurial Mindset From Victim to Hero

Turning Your Entrepreneurial Mindset From Victim to Hero

Turning Your Entrepreneurial Mindset From Victim to Hero

Turning Your Entrepreneurial Mindset From Victim to Hero

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