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49. Becoming Iconic + Balance as a Dirty Word with Jen Szpigiel


What if you knew exactly how to become an icon on purpose? It’s great to dream big, but often times reality will pause our steps forward, especially when we have a family to take care of. We often assume that we have to sacrifice. It’s either career or motherhood. 

How are we going to realize these dreams and visions with the demands of our everyday lives?

Today, we’ll discuss what we need to do just that, as well as what it truly means to become legendary.

In this episode, we’re joined by Jen Szpigiel who helps entrepreneurs unleash their skills, develop their businesses, build empires, and create harmony in their everyday lives. She’s also a mom of four, a wife, an iconic entrepreneur, and a leader in sales and marketing for over 20 years.

if you want to leave a legacy you can be proud of and live your current life in a way that corresponds with your vision, aims, and desires, listen to this podcast because this is for you!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why seeking balance leads to failure
  • How to be a good steward of your time 
  • What is progression
  • How to become iconic
  • Why you should believe in yourself
  • How to have that peaceful confidence

Here’s a sneak peek inside this episode:

[8:08] We often assume that we have to sacrifice.

[14:30] Learn what rest feels like for you

[15:12] Balance is a dirty word. Seeking balance leads to feeling like a failure

[16:16] Harmonious living instead of balance

[17:13] Be a good steward of your time and routine

[18:32] It’s not perfection, its progression

[42:37] Becoming iconic is about becoming the process

[25:31] Obsessive gratitude – contradicts being lost in the numbers and vanity metrics

[34:56] Believe faster. Believe in yourself sooner

[36:19] Peaceful confidence

[41:22] Celebrate gratitude in motion

[42:39] Iconic is the most fulfilled version of yourself

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Guest’s Bio:

Jen is the creator and CEO of Becoming Iconic, a seven-figure global business and leadership brand that elevates entrepreneurs seeking to leave a seven-figure legacy via integrated leadership.

She is also the host of the podcast Becoming Iconic. Becoming Iconic is all about the real, honest, and vulnerable reality of being a female entrepreneur, while also mixing in practical advice on how to construct a life and career you love.

Jen has spent over a decade as a sought-after, award-winning speaker on stages all around the world.

She inspires audiences to alter their lives and businesses, from small, personal retreats to stages in front of tens of thousands. And influence with her ability to communicate in a vulnerable way while effectively conveying skills she has learnt to generate great success in life and business.

She speaks about:

  • Why living in pleasure and joy TODAY will give you a financial and emotional abundance
  • Why traditional marketing is no longer relevant and soul-led sales is the only way forward
  • How to feel excited to sell your offers every day
  • How radical personal responsibility is the key to the new paradigm of leadership
  • Soul-Full Sales; how to sell with purpose and alignment to magnetize the right clients
  • Welcoming in and sustaining wealth and financial abundance

Becoming Iconic is an invitation to enter the new leadership paradigm and inspire women who are ready to forever change the way they show up in their lives and enterprises while welcoming pleasure, joy, and abundance.

Where to find more of Jen:

Jen’s Twitter: @jenszpigiel 

Becoming Iconic’s Instagram: @becomingiconic

Jen’s Website:

49. Becoming Iconic + Balance as a Dirty Word with Jen Szpigiel

49. Becoming Iconic + Balance as a Dirty Word with Jen Szpigiel

49. Becoming Iconic + Balance as a Dirty Word with Jen Szpigiel

49. Becoming Iconic + Balance as a Dirty Word with Jen Szpigiel

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