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51. How to Let Go + Taking Your Time with Jolanda Logan


In today’s episode, we have Jolanda Logan, an expert transformational speaker who knows the importance of taking your time and the success that it can bring. Jolanda Logan is a business consultant, coach, minister, and strategist. Her gift is connecting good people with good people. She figures out how information and relationships can be maximized to be mutually beneficial.

If you’re wanting a different perspective, and probably a good exhale moment to relax into the flow of your business, then this episode is made for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn some pro tips to help you:

  • Not to Rush
  • Take Your Time
  • Know That You Have Enough Time

Here’s a peek inside the episode:

[01:48] Artificial Deadlines & Unnecessary Pressure

[05:24] There’s Enough Time

[12:36] The Highs and Lows of the Entrepreneurial Journey

[14:45] Failures as Pivots for Redirection 

[15:17] It’s about the Journey, Not The Destination

[16:47] Stop To Recenter, Re-clarify, and Refocus

[20:39] Release, Let Go and Validate Your Feelings

[23:25] Pro Tips To Help Scale Your Business While Enjoying Your Entrepreneurial Journey

[27:52] Tenacity, Faith, and Resilience

[31:46] Don’t Rush

[37:20] Time Management and Prioritization

[39:45] Big Movements Stars With Small Actions

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Guest’s Bio:

Jolanda Logan is the President and CEO of Jolanda Logan Consulting (JLC). She is a strategic, business-minded communications professional. She has more than 25 years of progressive experience working for Fortune 100 companies and agencies in Corporate Communications, Media & Public Relations, Administration, Project Management, and Product Marketing.

Where to find more of Jolanda Logan:

Jolanda’s Website:

Jolanda’s LinkedIn: Jolanda

Jolanda’s Instagram: @jolandaloganenterprises

JoLanda’s Facebook: Jolanda Logan Consulting

51. How to Let Go + Taking Your Time with Jolanda Logan

51. How to Let Go + Taking Your Time with Jolanda Logan

51. How to Let Go + Taking Your Time with Jolanda Logan

51. How to Let Go + Taking Your Time with Jolanda Logan

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