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Get actionable strategies to bust through energy blockages and support yourself in creating a business and life you love.


THE Flourishing


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Although you have followed the advice of gurus to a "T" and worked until your blue light filter glasses have given up on you, nothing seems to change.  You just have a library of partially consumed courses and burning eyes. 

Your entrepreneurial journey doesn't have to make you feel bedraggled and hopeless. 
It's time for a new approach.

This podcast is your chance to build your business in a way that supports you as a human being so that you can beat the burnout monster and manifest your intentions.

Your dreams only seem real when you close your eyes.


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Think you’ve got the advice and strategies female entrepreneurs need to get their groove back?

If the answer is yes, click the button below to apply to sit down with Aleya and chat about alignment, energy, and how you’ve grown your 6+ figure business.

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Apply To be a Guest

As a live coaching guest, you’ll get a FREE BioEnergetic Business Coaching scan and work through the root cause of your number one blockage with Aleya.

It's time to glow up.



There are two ways you can join Aleya on The Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast.

"Aleya has a spark of inspiration that's never dim, and she generously passes her wisdom on to her listeners with this podcast. For only having a few published episodes, it's apparent that she's a natural in every way - so much so that Aleya can effortlessly give actionable takeaways with every piece of advice she gives. It's so exciting to see her continue to sharpen her craft and share her expert insight with this new podcast. I can't wait to listen to more!" - @accoix

"A spark of inspiration that's never dim"

“Part spiritual advisor, part brilliant strategist, and always 100% authentic- Aleya's spirit and knowledge is a powerful combination for any entrepreneur (from flourishing to floundering and everything in between.) Give it a listen. You’ll be glad you did." - She Suggests

"Part spiritual advisor, part brilliant strategist"

“The Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking for guidance on taking their brand and initiatives to the next level. Aleya has tremendous energy and features knowledgeable guests who add significant value to the subjects being covered. You definitely want to smash that subscribe/follow button and listen to Aleya’s show every time a new episode goes live!” - Jason 

"Aleya has tremendous energy"

“Aleya is doing something truly amazing! I love her approach to entrepreneurship and her real, authentic conversations. I love her journal of the week- such a great way to get out of your own entrepreneurial bubble. This is a must-listen podcast!” - @danakad

"Love her approach to entrepreneurship"